CT-101 ETA for Smart Things

Iris user here.

I have a few things left on my migration, including the CT-101 thermostats (as well as an irrigation timer and the 2nd gen keypads, but I’m not messing with those right now - I really want to use things that just work instead of messing around with handlers and such).

The thermostat is the last major thing I need to bring over, everything else has been brought over. Says “Coming Soon” on the SmartThings site. Any ST staff have any ideas when “soon” is? Wife would like to get back to one app to control stuff.


Have you tried adding it? Put it in pairing mode and choose one of the other z-wave thermostats in the app.

Not yet. I wanted to wait until verified, because the thermostat is the last thing I want to have an issue with… (happy wife, happy life…)

I think many people are already using it.

Welp, what do you know… they both paired well, thanks! Added them to the favorites screen.

Now, what’s the best smart app to replicate my scheduling functionality that I had with Iris? (set temp by time, as well as mode)

I’ll post my other issues in a different thread to keep things separate for others.

Assuming you’re using the new app, I’d do it with two things:

  1. create scenes (Home, Sleeping, etc) that change thermostats, lights, etc.
  2. use the custom automation creator to trigger those scenes base in time, location, etc.

Thanks! I did find this, which is exactly what I wanted: