Cree Zigbee Bulb Random Flash

Anyone have an issue with Cree Zigbee bulbs that randomly flash once every once in awhile? This has started happening to two I have in my bedroom over the last few months, and of course always seems to happen between 11p-5a. Figured I just replace them, but curious if anyone else has experienced this.

On the replacement front, what bulbs out there are reliable Zigbee repeaters? I know some don’t repeat at all (Sengled), and some butcher the messages (SYLVANIA).

My search foo is horrible. For anyone else with this issue, see:

Yes, the Cree issue is well known. There was a Cree bulb firmware update that caused this. The flashing is the bulb FW crashing and restarting. Quite a few threads in here about it. Here’s probably the main one: