Cree bulbs

I just purchased some CREE bulbs and all three are attached to a regular dimmer switch. They are making a pretty noticeable buzzing noise. I really don;t want to purchase a smart switch from them. I am pretty sure I can just get a regular old switch, not dimmable, and they should still work and can be dimmed via SmartThings or the Amazon Echo.

Is this correct?

Hi @BoomerTheWeim,

I just brought home some of these myself, both the Smart Bulb versions and the standard “dimmable” Cree bulbs. Which did you buy?

This would be true if the answer to my question above is that you purchased the $15 “Smart” bulbs. If you did, then having them on a dimmer switch is most likely the cause of your buzzing. You should just be able to put them on a regular switch (On/Off) and dim them through the app.

The point is that a dimmable “Smart” bulb handles the dimming on its own, as opposed to having the power regulated by a dimmer switch.

I hope that helps.

I picked up 3 Cree Connected Daylight Bulbs so it sounds like I can get the good ol’ dumb switch for a few bucks or pick up a LED Dimmable switch for about $20


NO! :scream:

As I said earlier, if you have a “Smart” bulb with dimming capabilities you do not want a dimmer switch. Well, you do not want to dim the lighting with the switch… you would do that with the bulb’s dim capabilities.

Get the cheap switch. Pay the extra $'s when you are going to use dimmable “dumb” bulbs.

Ok, dumb and cheap switch it shall be, plus another smart bulb.