Creating Tiles, Removing Tiles, Possible?

Looking at the Tiles interface, I’m wondering if there is any way to dynamically create tiles in a device?

For example, I want to create a bunch of tiles based on information I get from another web service query.

Also, based on a state of a tile, I want to be able to swap out, hide, disable, etc. some of the tiles.

I can’t find anything on how do either of these, any thoughts?

Dynamic tiles are not currently supported but they are on the roadmap.

Thanks @Ben! Any way to hide or disable a tile, besides just ignoring user input or accepting user input?

@pstuart did you ever figure out if tiles can be disabled?

It’s been 6 months so maybe dynamic tiles are supported now ?

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As far as I know, no new UI features for device tiles have been added in over 6 months…

Still waiting on HTML tiles, list views, dynamic views, etc.

I don’t think anything changed in the past year since I got here.

Only nominally related, but would love to see Tile used for presence with ST to set Home and Away status! Not sure if that would require some Harmony integration work given Harmony’s BT capability (and also assuming that doing something along those lines with iOS is virtually impossible). Android might be simpler? I get home/away notifications throughout the day from my iPhone as I move through the house and change WiFi access points (all same SSID so it’s virtually seamless to me, but clearly not to ST).

Not sure what you are asking? You want a tile in a device to set Home or Away status? This would be really simple to program.

I think @magnus is talking about “Tile” as in not ST tiles… I have the same desire because I have 4 of them and have considered doing it as a cloud-to-cloud integration but it just doesn’t make as much sense - seeing as how my phone will be gone most of the time I want to check on things that have “Tiles” I am waiting for Hub 2.0 and a more open standard API for Tile over BT because right now it can only be accessed by a single “paired” device…

Depending on whether or not your SmartApp created the device-type (Tile), which could be one of many types, then the answer is Yes - a parent smartApp can create/remove childApps and childDevices as often as desired - childApps show up in which ever category they are “coded” into and the device-types show up in “things” (things that have Tiles)… In either case the smartApp and device-type have to be published and in the same name space to be created/deleted… So in a certain sense you could do “dynamic” “things” that have data specific formats and “dynamic apps” by creating them as childApps…

Thanks guys - yes, I was referring to the Tile sensor and not the tiles within the smart things app.

I’m just now feeling my way around github and device profiles, so will see if I’m able to use Patrick’s Control4 driver successfully…

Any news about hiding or disabling tiles on particular state?

I seems so strange to me that this wasn’t a part of the 2.0 app. I mean @Ben said it was coming in Jul 2014 so I assumed that it would at the very least be in the 2.0 version but it seems we still can’t dynamically control tiles. Many devices including the one I am working on now have various states which have features associated only with certain states. For example I am working on the Aeon Smart Switch 6 (Gen 5) device code and it is supposed to be able to dim when in nightlight mode but not in the other two modes. So I would like the dimming slider to only display when that mode is set. But alas this is not possible with the ST api.

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I am trying to create a generic device type that adds and removes tiles based on the device it detects. From this thread it seems like the feature hasn’t been implemented. I’m trying to shoehorn it, but haven’t had success. The problem I am running into is that I cannot find a way to communicate data between the devices meta code and the rest of its code. I’ve tried state, settings, attributes, etc. and nothing exists inside of meta. I really wish this functionality was in place.

Nope can’t do it. Wait for HTML tiles. Still waiting, no eta.

That’s mean telling people to wait for ST to do something, you know they never will :wink:

@pstuart After trying for a very long time (too long), I believe you.

You can do it via a smartapp connect app, basically have a bunch of DTH that based on what you find, it adds the child device. Not dynamic, but will probably be the best for now.

HTML tiles will be the answer, we know its in the wild, but we don’t have docs or examples on how to do it, yet…

We know it’s in the wild ? As in someone has a beta version of the app or as in everyone has it we just don’t know how to code for it ?

It’s out there in the open - Wattvision uses an htmlTile. Of course, still no docs for it anywhere…