Dynamic Tiles based on state variables

I am rewriting my Tado Cooling device type but would like if possible to create a single device type and build the capabilities of the tiles based on the capabilities retrieved.

for example the Heating device has an optional water heating module which i would like to incorporate, but i only really want to enable this if i can add tiles dynamically if the module is installed.

likewise i would like to add/remove some of the tiles to make it relevant for cooling product.

I saw this thread and i take it there’s been no traction since then?

if not do you suggest a master smartapp to install the relavent multiple device types is the way to go?


I don’t think there is any way at the moment to do very much “dynamic layout” in a single Device Type Handler. Someday…

ah well I thought so :weary: im just don’t know how to program these dynamic preference pages yet. Will have to read up if I get the time

They are not too hard and really powerful; hopefully you can find well designed examples with shared code.

The problem: Dynamic preferences pages are very sensitive to the smallest syntax errors with very little guidance from the IDE; they don’t work well in “simulator”; and are more likely to be broken by Platform bugs or Platform changes.

But… worth it for some types of SmartApps. You don’t need them for many types.

Personally – I prefer custom Device Types, and keep the SmartApp simpler.

also I don’t think this workaround applies to device types/handlers where for instance in thermostats it would be usefully to be able to disable the heat or cool tiles if you only have one or the other.

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