Creating Standalone App Same like Smartthings App

Am trying to create an app same like smartthings stand alone Mobile app for both iOS and Android.

I understand Web Services SmartApps is the way to create Mobile apps. but I could not find complete documents to create an App. I have done everything, but have certain queries. Please clarify.

1.How to get the preference list and how to map our devices to the preference.

preferences {
section(“Allow application to control these things…”) {
input “switches”, “capability.switch”, title: “Which Switches?”, multiple: false, required: false
input “contactSensors”, “capability.contactSensor”, title: “Which Contact Sensors?”, multiple: false, required: false

2.Is there any way to create preferences Dynamically ? (ie) Creating a preference by the User from mobile app.

You will need to create your own API endpoint that your new mobile app will access. There is very good documentation here:

Have you found any information about this. I’m trying create a stand alone third party application for door locks and video surveillance. Does smart things have open API?..other than smart apps. I’m making an app for the masses not my own preferences.

SmartThings doesn’t not have a client API, but a lot can be done via SmartApp exposing web REST-API Endpoints.

For an example, check out

Hi Sasi, Greetings,

Even am trying to write my own Android application using SmartApp Web Services and also i created below Curl API

curl -H “Authorization: Bearer 9a18aae3-1269-485f-8408-cba7289fca15” -X PUT “”

But i don’t know how to call above Curl API from Android application.

Can you please help me to call smarthings curl api’s from Android so that it would be very helpful for me or is there any other way or procedure to write our own app.

Thanks for your help .

“curl” isn’t a SmartThings API … it is basically a command-line browser for Unix/Linux (and in library form, for PHP, etc.). It is just a wrapper for sending/receiving data via HTTP.

What programming language are you writing your Android App in? You’ll find equivalent curl, or http or REST-API function calls available in most programming languages!

Hi tgauchat

Thank you so much for your quick reply,

I am using JAVA programming for writing my Android App, Can you please help me to find equivalent approach and method to call/control Smarthings devices.

I’m afraid that’s beyond the scope of a Community Forum question, in my opinion… Making web calls from Java is something that you can learn in any online or college Java class.