Creating new standalone iOS app for smartthings

I am trying to create a standalone iOS app to replicate what smartthings iOS app is doing now.
I understand that Web Services Smart Apps can be used to get information about or control a device. But is there any way to create Web Services Smart Apps for the following scenarios,

  1. Turn ON the Light and switch ON the music using SONOS when opening the Door.
  2. Sending SMS or Push Notification on a presence.

Why create an app? Why not just use an OAUTH2 endpoint and HTML to do it?

Both functions can easily be done either built into the mobile app or custom smartapps.

SmartRules is an iOS app that lets you create rules like this. It would work for both of those scenarios.


@obycode How is the SmartRules app created? I don’t see any APIs for creating Rules in the Developer Potral. I see only simple senarios for Web Services SmartApps in the Documentation, Do you have any insights into how this app is created?

@pstuart I think he might need an app as I find the Smart Things Mobile app look really terrible

I’m sure @obycode knows how SmartRules was created… Since he created it! :wink:


@obycode SmartRules is an awesome app. I am looking to see how to create Web Services Smart Apps for the scenarios that @Sasi_Kumar mentioned as there is no enough documentation. Could you please help here?

Good to know that there is a possibility of creating custom standalone iOS/Android App for Smartthings. @obycode I tried SmartRules app. It looks awesome. Could someone provide some idea or pointers to create multiple(Nested) scenarios as I have mentioned earlier. What I would like to know is the documentation from smartthings and approach. Thanks.

Can I ask what exactly it is you are trying to do? Why build an iOS app for just those 2 scenarios when it can be done via a SmartApp or a SmartRule?

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@obycode I think @Sasi_Kumar is trying to create a Web Services SmartApp for different scenarios not just the ones mentioned above in his own custom iOS App. I think he is looking for documentation to call Web Services SmartApp to create scenarios. I am not sure this makes sense.