Can I create my own Android APP to talk to SmartThings?

(Shekar Pasumarthi) #1

I am working on an Android APP which currently has other functionalities, and I want to add talking to SmartThings for automation. Is that possible?

(Jimmy) #2

(Shekar Pasumarthi) #3

Thanks. I did take a look at the information, however I was did not see any information about creating my own Android APP. Looks like it still needs the standard SmartThings APP. Please let me know if I got that wrong

(Jimmy) #4

There is a REST API, so any app could call this API.

(Shekar Pasumarthi) #5

Thanks. Is there a location where I can get the documentation for REST API to get the list of devices and also get the authentication to access/use the API.

(Jimmy) #6

it is all in the first link I provided.