Creating Signal Strength device handler

I have an Everwave ZWN-RSM1-Plus Single Relay switch. It shows that is has signal strength capability. I guess my object coding is very lacking these days as I am having trouble getting a device handler built to poll that single capability. The smartthings capability is Signal Strength but the zwave command is powerlevel. Wondering if one of the seasoned programmers could help me get this simple device handler built.



You can see a demonstration of how to request powerlevel reports and how to handle the response in my Zwave Tweaker DTH.

Note, polling the powerlevel of a Z-Wave isn’t going to tell you much though. The powerlevel indicates the power the device is using to transmit commands, not the signal strength of received commands. It’s a feature designed for testing only. In normal operation the powerlevel is NormalPower. It will only be different from this if you have sent a command to tell the device to use a different power level. Any change in power level only persists for a short period of time (timeout period) before returning to NormalPower.

Thanks, that tells me enough. I was hoping it was reporting it’s receiving signal strength. So maybe my coding isn’t as bad as I thought it was.