Creating a scene with Philips Hue and WebCore

I want to create a scene using three bulbs (Hue Go, 2 Hue Lightstrips) using webcore. I want them to be a specific color and a specific brightness level. The scene is set in my philips HUE app.

How can i do that? I can assign it to a button or routine easily enough…just dont know how to create the scene

Maybe a better question would be how do I get the exact color of my hue lights so that i can plug those number into webcore?

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Go to BestBuy, grab three lights and a SmartThings hub and just throw a fit - that’ll create quite the scene :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Just kidding - set your light to what you want it to be, go to the SmartThings app on your phone and make sure you click that Refresh button on the bulb, maybe several times, until the app matches the color of the bulb, then go to the SmartThings IDE to Devices, find the bulb, click on it, then write down the attributes Hue, Saturation, and Level. Multiply Hue by 3.6 and then use them in webCoRE with the Set Color (HSL) task.


wow. thank you~! i will try as soon as humanly possible.

Whats the difference in WebCore of setting the level or adjusting the level?

Set level takes an absolute value between 0 and 100 and sets the level to that value. Adjust takes a value between -100 and 100 and adds it to the current device value, thus adjusting it. So adjust works with deltas/relative values, whereas set works with absolute values.

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I use an app called Hue B Smart instead of the default smartThings Hue Connect. Hue B Smart creates virtual switches for each Hue Group as well as a momentary push button for any scene you’ve created.
What I’ve done is create a scene in the Hue app and then selected it through the Hue B smart app. Next I use webCore to create a rule that pushes the scene virtual button created by the Hue B smart App.