Create App via REST and Personal Access Token not showing up in SmartThings mobile app



Hi All,

When creating a SmartApp via the Rest Api and a Personal Access Token, I don’t see the Automation app available in the SmartThings mobile app: Create App

The GET /app shows the app was created.

Only when I use the web interface to create the Automation does the app show in the SmartThings mobile app.
Is there something I’m missing when creating the app via Rest?


(Jim Anderson) #2

The SmartThings app (new app, not Classic) does indeed require that you create the app in the Developer Workspace, in order for it to be self-published and available for install (for the same user) using the mobile app.

It is a little confusing to successfully create/get via API, but not see it in the app - you’re not missing anything :slight_smile:


Here is the guide to test your Automation with SmartThings app. Unfortunately only SmartThings app working on Android supports this self-testing now. But it will be supported with iOS as well in this year.

I think it will be helpful to see Quickstart guide for Automation if your SmartApp is a WebHook.
Here is the simple guide to register your Automation in dev workspace only.