Create App via REST and Personal Access Token not showing up in SmartThings mobile app

Hi All,

When creating a SmartApp via the Rest Api and a Personal Access Token, I don’t see the Automation app available in the SmartThings mobile app: Create App

The GET /app shows the app was created.

Only when I use the web interface to create the Automation does the app show in the SmartThings mobile app.
Is there something I’m missing when creating the app via Rest?


The SmartThings app (new app, not Classic) does indeed require that you create the app in the Developer Workspace, in order for it to be self-published and available for install (for the same user) using the mobile app.

It is a little confusing to successfully create/get via API, but not see it in the app - you’re not missing anything :slight_smile:


Here is the guide to test your Automation with SmartThings app. Unfortunately only SmartThings app working on Android supports this self-testing now. But it will be supported with iOS as well in this year.

I think it will be helpful to see Quickstart guide for Automation if your SmartApp is a WebHook.
Here is the simple guide to register your Automation in dev workspace only.

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