Could be worse.... could be WigWag

Again, not trying to bash, I see the thread 20 days ago saying they are shipping but doesn’t actually seem to be any evidence yet of people receiving anything.

Have they given you a delivery date? Let us know what you think once you get it! Always loved the idea of WigWag but dragged on WAY too long.

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Not sure it is clear on the wigwag forum. You should see a lot more activity there now.
Wigwag sent out a backer e-mail yesterday to discuss the shipping schedule and start backers filling out forms.

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Pleased for you buddy! Exciting times ahead and you deserve it! Please don’t disappear and let us know how it goes if you don’t mind! :slight_smile:

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I was just told that mine is “shipping out in the next few days” so I guess we’ll know something soon. I opted for the sensor block so I won’t get any “things” right away but I have plenty already that appear to be supported with their platform so I’m planning to run some things in parallel to compare.


One of the items that REALLY piqued my interest is the Filament, which when brought in packs of 8 (they used to have larger packs for even more discount) has the potential to be the cheapest RGB ZigBee bulb available in the US that’s not a Chinese knockoff of a Philips Hue.

If the Filament will work on other platforms, they could find themselves getting lots of orders from people.

I have a number of Osram bulbs and still struggle with the whole switch vs bulb thing. I’ve hard wired in a couple places where there used to be switches and I could fully automate or use with a button but I don’t like losing the physical switch. However, the automation breaks if the switch goes off. It would be nice if there was intelligence about an entity consisting of a switch + bulbs. I know I could do this with rule machine but the workflows there are a bit too complex to setup and manage when you have numerous variables.

I’m hoping the sensor block is good at determining if there are people in the room and can distinguish between awake people and sleeping people. That would help out with some of the automations I’d like to do in the bedrooms.

It’s 6loWPAN, not ZigBee! Therefore, not SmartThings compatible (without cloud-cloud or some LAN API).

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Well shoot. There goes that plan…

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I thought ST was software upgradable to 6LoWPAN?

I wouldn’t be surprised if the 2.4ghz chip in the hub can run either 6LoWPAN or ZigBee.

I believe that most SOC’s cannot run both concurrently. It’s not a physical issue as much as a routing issue (i.e., code that can pick up BLE, ZigBee and 6LoWPAN at the same time?).

Then again … there are lots of differences in the protocols; channels, and such, that it might as well be called a “physical” problem.


Well, there’s always hope for a USB dongle, right?


Absolutely. Heck ST could potentially add all sorts of integration… Insteon/Lutron anyone?

Well, WigWag finally shipped some product last week and in my HA news feed I see they landed a few million dollars from new investors this week as well. Their “Relay” hub is up for sale in the store. Tempting to see if it can deliver reliable lighting, colors, dimming already.

Anyone play with WigWag rules/smartapps yet? Their user forum looks suspiciously familiar. :smile:


Anybody get anywhere with this yet? What’s it really like?

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Still haven’t received mine, even though I filled in the order survey and some sort of confirmation email. I don’t see how this company can recover… But Kickstarter is a big mystery anyway.

So I was looking at my profile and I found this post again. Curious as to how they were getting along I noticed it has pretty much been three years and they still haven’t delivered their products. It looks like the Relay and the Filament are available but nothing else.

How are those who did get their Relay’s getting on with it? The good/bad?

EDIT: OUCH, just been reading their community, not ALL of their backers in the US have even received their Relay yet some THREE YEARS later! That’s absolutely crazy!

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Got my Relay… Haven’t plugged it in. Why bother?

Not even curious? I’m sorry to hear that buddy.

I really had hoped that after we checked a while ago and things had started shipping that, by this point they’d be well on their way but it makes me sick that three years later they still haven’t even shipped everything to the backers yet and I didn’t even back them.

Even if they did finish shipping, this has to have damaged the company, perhaps permanently to the point they wouldn’t even be able to pull through and that would be a shame, competition is good and WW had so much promise. is down. Probably not a good sign.

WigWag broke and lost that promise as soon as they passed the “one year late” mark.

Dunno… these companies ought to have to put up a bond or something, but I guess if they could get credit then, in theory, they wouldn’t need crowdfunding. However, more and more Kickstarter / IGG projects are really just pre-sales market tests.