WigWag Relay

(Mike) #1

I’m curious if anyone else backed this and is expecting to receive theirs soon. It appears the relay (hub) is about to start shipping. Admittedly, there was such a delay from the end of the Kickstarter campaign to now that I had completely forgotten about it but it looks interesting and they support many of the same devices that SmartThings does. Like other platforms, such as Securifi, it will be interesting to see if device types for their devices get created here, how the platforms compare to one another, and how they might tie in and/or complement one another. The UI for rules looks interesting - it would be pretty cool to have something like that for Rule Machine.

(Benji) #2

@cyclotron over in this thread is getting one!


Yes, I just got another updated and request for verification of shipping address so I’d expect to see a relay and filament bulb soon. I have other items ordered but they will be shipping later.

I’m in no hurry to replace my smartthings hub but will certainly be giving it a go on the Wigwag to see how their rules system works.