Cortana Integration

I really must be overlooking something in the forums here, but it looks like the only discussion on integrating Cortana with Smartthings died last December and I can’t find anything current on the topic.

Is this a possibility? Apparently there used to be a Cortana IFTTT, followed by Cortana Triggers, but of which are dead and gone.

With Windows still being the most prevelant OS there has to be something for integrating Cortana with smartthings and I must be missing it.

…then again, maybe there isn’t?

I have a conference camera/mic in my living room that’s connected back to my PC and works perfectly for interacting with Cortana anywhere on the main level of my house. The only use I can find myself having for Cortana is eliminating the need to pick up my Android phone each time I want to do anything with Smartthings and asking her how she is so I can see how she’ll respond.

How can I integrate Cortana with Smartthings? What am I overlooking?


I found this, which has a really awesome video of a Samsung rep who must be the worst Dad ever. He asks Cortana if the laundry machine is running (a Samsung laundry machine) and she tells him it has 30 minutes. He then hypothetically discovers a whole load was used on socks and a shirt then asks Cortana to compare load capacity to who’s been home and eventually discovers Billy stands in front of the Samsung fridge for hours and eats 40% of its contents in that time while the TV is on.

All I want to do is make Cortana turn on some lights.

According to this site, which has no sources or helpful information, I’ll just have to be patient until sometime next year.

I wonder if this is the Cortana speaker that I just heard about looks like it will be like Alexa

The ifttt solution is back.
Cortrigga (

See Cortana (Xbox, Windows (Phone/OS) Integration (with Simple SmartThings App)

I use Cortana everyday to turn my z-wave lights on and off, along with turning my XBOX on and off. I am using Cortana Harmon Kardon speakers along with a Wink 2 hub.