CoRE - Lights, set level and color temperature

Hi, I have a couple of IKEA bulbs which i can control dimmer level and color temperature. I’ve made a CoRE piston which turns them on and sets desired level when i get home. Works very well. But when I make a piston which sets level AND set color temperature. They sort of miss out quite often and the dim level doesn’t change, and if not that the color temp doesn’t change. It feels almost as it tries to change color temp before the dim level has been adjusted fully. Is this a common problem for people? And if so, how have you solved it? A simple “wait” command between setLevel and setColorTemp could solve it but seems like i non-desirable shortcut.

Can you tell us which Ikea bulbs you are using?

IKEA Trådfri E27 bulbs and IKEA Trådfri GU10 spotlights. Im using the Zigbee White Color Temperature device handler. Modified to match the temperature degree range of the IKEA bulbs. (2200-4000K). Adjusting the color temperature manually via the device tile works great.

Enable logging on that piston and check out the logs. If you see anything with the word “preventing” in it, then your DTH most likely doesn’t update states correctly. If so, under the piston settings, disable command optimizations and try again.

Thanks for helping! I didn’t find any “preventing” in the logs, but tried to disable command optimizations anyway an the relevant pistons. Same problem still though. Sometimes it sets the color but doesn’t dim, sometimes it dims but doesn’t set color temp. I even tried a “wait 2 sec” command between the setLevel and setColorTemp. Still a very unpredictable result as earlier. Any more ideas?