CoRE http local request help

I’m a dummy :slight_smile: and i need help how to do a request to a local web server (arduino) in my local LAN with CoRE (v0.3.15f).

My simple arduino project (one relais on off) go ON with a request like that with a browser:
and it goes OFF with:
With a browser it works good.
With Alexa Helper all works good too (with an http request …).
I don’t know how to do the same with CoRE.

  • add a core piston
  • basic
  • if switch on
  • then make a web request
  • and now … i did some experiments with url, method, content type … without success.
    Thank you for help.

I think I played with this one time using GET, JSON, send $random variable. See if you get anything out of that.

There’s a peer assistance thread just for core. Ask there and someone will be glad to help you. :sunglasses:

How about making it a virtual switch first?

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