CoRE - Get peer assistance here with setting up Pistons

No problem, we all have @ady624 to thank for this amazing work :slight_smile:

So, please, help. I want ST to say “fridge door is open” every 3 minutes, while the door contact stays open. I almost made it work with a follow up piston, but the problem is that piston remains activated even though I already closed the door.


You are my life saver, this works exactly what I wanted!

Can a piston repeat itself?

If so what is wrong with this piston? Trying to loop the changing colors.


I have 2 questions about CoRE:

1- Is it possible to do multiple locations logic? I have a pretty big house that 1 smartthings hub is not enough, yet I want all devices on all hubs to work together, for example if a sensor activates that is connected to the first hub, the light connected to the third hub should light up.

2- Can CoRE perform tasks in parallel instead of in sequence? I noticed when I try to group a number of lights they always do the command in sequence. for example, if button 1 is pressed then change the color of all living room lights to red and reduce brightness. This will actually make them turn red one by one then reduce brightness one by one. Can’t CoRE make them all change simultaneously?

Thanks, great app!

WebCoRE I believe will have some support for multi-location, not sure exactly how much.

Question 2, it’s doable in WebCoRE also.

Thanks! I simplified and moved across to webCoRE… :slight_smile:

Does webCORE support shared pistons at this time?

What do you mean “shared”?

Hi, I’m trying to set up an Else-If piston.
I have set my “else if” condition as an IFTTT event. However when I select the IFTTT as the capability, nothing appears in the Comparison list. Simply get “no available options”, rather than “executed”, as appears when i select the IFTTT capability on the primary “if” part above.
Any help gratefully received!

I thought you were designing webCoRE to be able to share pistons. So instead of us having to rebuild someone else’s templates can be uploaded and shared.

Like these?

Here’s one for motion triggered lights:

And this is a variation for contact sensors:

Create a new piston, select the orange option and enter the code you want to import. That kind of shared? :smiley:

Or maybe the crazy-creative ones some users are coming up with? And sharing? [DEPRECATED THREAD: visit for assistance] WebCoRE - Example Pistons

PS: To answer the original question, yes, webCoRE supported sharing and importing pistons since day 1. It was technically built around that concept.

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I seem to be having an issue with either the zooz 4-in-1 motion sensor or the Piston it is being used in. This was working flawlessly up until about two weeks ago. All of a sudden my hall light would turn on regardless of the light amount. I have tried everything to make this work but it seems that the piston isn’t getting the proper info from the motion sensor. In the pictures I show that the zooz 4-in-1 was registering lux at 35.6 and Light was registering at 68.1%, and in my piston I have it set for the light to come on if the illuminance is equal to or below 30 and yet the light still went on. I have tried changing the light settings and changing the settings of the motion sensor but nothing seems to work. Like I said this was working flawlessly before so it isn’t the piston. Any suggestions?

I just want a simple action. I get up in the middle of the night and step into my hallway I want the lights to come up to 5%. However when I set this the light goes up to a higher percent when entering the hallway and then down to 5%. Why is this and what can I do about it? Also… I would like the light to go off after X minutes of motion. How do I do the 2nd step? Sorry super new to CoRE and overwhelmed.

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Yes that is what I was looking for.

Hi, Guys. This was probably asked before. I am looking for a piston(s) that would do the following:

Say “fridge door is open” every 3 minutes, while door sensor is open. I almost got it to work with “follow up with piston x” but my problem is that followup continues to execute even after I close the door, so, I guess, I will need closing of the door to cancel all pending announcements.


Hi there!

Looking for some assistance! I’m using my iPhone as an arrival sensor but for added security I’ve purchased some Samsung arrival sensors that I leave in my car. What I’m trying to setup is a core piston which will detect the arrival of iPhone and Samsung arrival sensor to trigger opening the garage and unlocking the garage door. I think I’ve got it setup correctly but it won’t seem to trigger. When I look at the piston it always says current evaluation of false even though the st app shows both sensors have arrived. Details attached;

Any help would be appreciated!


Make it is present instead of changes too.

No help here? I do not know where to look for answers. :frowning:

Thanks. So instead of changes to present, make it “is present”?

Won’t that continually trigger it when both presence sensors are present?