CoRE - Get peer assistance here with setting up Pistons

They are two completely independent animals.
You can have a mixture of the both if you wish.
What most people are doing is gradually migrating their pistons over from CoRE to webCoRE.
WebCoRE is still in beta but is pretty stable.
I have found that webCoRE is easier to use as you can replicate existing pistons and just change the devices.
You can also import pistons from other people, backup your pistons and also recover them should you delete them by mistake.
Have a look and I’m sure you will start to convert.

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Ok, I found what I was asking in ady624 post from Jul '16 in this thread. It seems that I was not using the right search term :slight_smile:

I have a piston to control my space heater in the basement that runs properly when I hit simulate, but it doesn’t seem to update itself as the variables change. What Am I missing?

Hi Folks,

Just got CoRE running and it does essentially what I couldn’t do before (dim a light from 100-0%.) What I tried to add is a slow fade (first tried 30 seconds and then 20 seconds) but it pretty much goes from whatever the light was set to to the setting I asked CoRe to set it to. I am only using CoRe, not WebCoRe, so I don’t know if that makes a difference.


This may be simple but can’t seem to figure it out with what I understand of Pistons.

I have a fountain that I turn off and one at certain times say at 9AM in the morning and then off at 11:00pm at night. But sometimes it doesnt turn off, don’t know why. So I was trying to set up a piston (or something else if you say so) to check the time then the fountain and turn if off as necessary. For example, if it is 11:01pm and the fountain is still on, then turn it off. But how to I keep doing this until it is actually off? What I have does it one time and if the fountain is still on then nothing else happens. I want it to keep checking the fountain until it is OFF otherwise keep trying to turn it off.


@smartie and @Alan_Hymes – sine you’re just starting with CoRE, I’d suggest installing webCoRE so you don’t have to migrate to it in the future.

What I’m trying to do here is get a switch to turn on if any selected contact sensors has been open for more than five minutes.

Then turn off when all of the selected contact sensors are closed.

Am I thinking correctly that there should be a latching piston? Or something else? Please help. Thank you.

This should work as it is. What’s the issue?

Is 5+ Min Open V Switch a Virtual Switch that has another rule to make it work? Or is it a physical switch?

It is a v switch. It is used for this piston.

Essentially this piston turns my furnace off if something left open for five or more minutes by setting the temp super low.

I know there’s probably a million ways to do this. Using variables, and maybe even condensing these pistons in to one and not using a virtual switch. I’m open to suggestions. :grinning:

Side note: for some reason, resume schedule for the thermostat does not work unless you increase the setpoint first. It’s a known issue that sT has been working on.

I would just set the TCP to Cancel on Piston State Change instead of Condition. Condition will monitor each door so that is where the error might be happening.

Is the problem in the switch not turning on/off or in the therm?

Ok. I’ll try this. Thanks!

I can get to my Core Dashboard, but when I try to load the actual Core SmartApp in the Smartthings App on my phone it fails and shows the following, which looks like some generic ST failure message. Anyone know what to do from there?

I just loaded webcore and was going to start building the logic in webcore, thankfully I can still get to the dashboard and see most of my logic, but want to get to the app as well.

Update CoRE, I believe the update is needed to get around that error (hopefully?).

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No dice so far, updated CoRE in IDE, rebooted the phone, Still won’t load.

Not even sure how to debug such an issue.

My only suggestion for now would be to roll back to a previous version. I haven’t updated to the latest released today.

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Disregard, I got it. I updated from github and had no luck. I manually grabbed the code forced it in there and published.

Now in the app. Whatever it was, thank you.

Good deal, if it works, we’ll take it!


I have an Axom Striimlight / speaker that I am using with MediaRenderer to allow me to control as a dlna speaker. I am trying to create a simple piston that will speak a phrase whenever a contact sensor is open. Everytime I run the piston, it executes correctly but no sound is played on the speaker. If I check the logs I see the following:

Skipping event generation for sound file

Can anybody suggest why this would happen?


Hello, I just wanted to thank you for responding and the information. I have installed webCoRE per your suggestion and have started to create pistons. This is bringing back memories of my programming days :slight_smile: but you have made it easier with the pull downs and selections. Thank you again, appreciate it.

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No problem, we all have @ady624 to thank for this amazing work :slight_smile: