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I’m using the ST stock weather tile

I guess I will delete it and try again. I wish I could see some logging

You can try enabling debugging/trace on the piston and watch live logging.

So here is the deal and I did this by accident. I deleted and put it in again. Except I hit temperature instead of wind speed…and guess what…after refreshing it gave me the temp. I changed it back to wind…and nothing. So there is something going on

so where does it put the log

Log in to IDE and go to Live Logging tab.

yea found it. nothing is being picked up by the core. I can see where all the info is coming from the weather tile

The Weather Tile device shows up like this in live logging:

‎1‎:‎55‎:‎17‎ ‎PM: debug WUSTATION: event: [name:wind, value:5, unit:MPH]

it looks to be a CoRe issue. When I change it to Temp. No issue. I can see the variables being passed. However when I change it to wind…nothing

CoRE depends on the device handler to give correct info so if there’s something malformed in the dh’s data, CoRE might not pick it up.

can you send me your device handler or point me to the location of the one you are using. I could not find just the Weather Tile. I think that is pretty old. Now it is called smart weather tile. Here is what I am finding.

Humidity, Illuminance, temp and water it will provide. Any of the other variables with the little house by them…none of them work

It’s been a while since I messed with this but you probably will get the same result from AccuWeather from Marketplace > SmartApps > Climate Control > AccuWeather Connect

Edit: And there is this one if you have not seen it yet.

yea that is the one I am using and again all I can get is temp, hum, water and ILL…all the other stuff no go

Are you using the original weather tile or the smart weather tile? If you are using the older one I sure would like to get my hands on it so I can fix this. I am sure the Owner of CoRE is done with this so I probably wont get any help. I would like to just look at the code to see stare and compare with the new tile. Maybe they call wind something different. It seems in the code that Temp, humidity and IL are called capability and wind is and attribute. I would like to see if that is the same in the older tiel

Using the original weather tile.

Well I guess I am SOL until someone else can figure out what is going wrong

So I am looking at the varibles that the weather sends and so far here is what is will provide with the setup for a variable

  1. Provides output for Temp, Humidity, Dew Point, Feels like, Pressure,
  2. No Output - UV, Wind, Wind Gust

I guess I could go through them all but not sure why this is. Maybe it is a string and not a number…no tried that and does not work. Can someone else try this and see if you can get a variable for wind PLEASE. Here are the attributes that are found in this device handler. As you can see the ones missing are the ones that dont have output at all

lluminance: 10000
temperature: 66 F
humidity: 27 %
localSunrise: 6:45 AM
localSunset: 5:54 PM
city: Albuquerque, NM
timeZoneOffset: -0700
weather: Clear
water: false
weatherIcon: clear
forecastIcon: clear
feelsLike: 66 F
percentPrecip: 0 %
percentPrecipToday: 0.00 in.
percentPrecipLastHour: -999.00 in.
alert: Fire Weather Warning
alertKeys: [“FIR1487712120”]
dewpoint: 31 F
pressure: 30.10 inches (Falling)
solarradiation: –
visibility: 10.0 mi.

I’ll say that I just really noticed that when I set the timer to run the TTS I get an error in the app, it still continues, and then says automating, but of course never runs. Any way to find the error in the logs? Which area would I check?

Under the tasks you need to enable the task cancellation policy. Set it to cancel on piston or condition state change. That will cancel the task if the piston or condition changes. So when the door is closed that will cancel the task.


This means you are saying do the opposite of this. So if you’re condition is:
(Normal - this will turn the light on when the door is open)
front door is open
Turn on light

(Negated - this will turn the light on when the door is not open)
!front door is open (notice the explanation point)
Turn on light

same thing for Nest Weather, which uses WeatherUnderground station readings - uvindex, wind and windgusts are all 0, though they are declared as String attributes