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Nowhere near as confused as I’m getting! Haha.

For my test piston I want an action (light off - but a notification will do for my test piston) to happen when both of two motion sensors have been inactive for at least 1 minute (or to paraphrase, when the last active motion sensor has been inactive for 1 minute)

It’s for my landing light, which I want turned off only if there hasn’t been motion on either the landing, or the stairs, for at least one minute

I’ll try your suggestion. This might be becoming over complicated.

If you were to use a tile, where would you be viewing it? From a dashboard like ActionTiles?

In that case, why not do something like this.
Just change it slightly to suit your needs.

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
Sorry for the repost, it was late last night.
Without using IFTT, how can I get CoRE to see if its raining and turn lights to certain colors?


Sometimes you have to just realize that it might not be worth trying to make one huge gigantic piston to accomplish a slew of task!

Talking to myself here. I am kinda getting out of the habit of making Virtual Switch for internal processing but in the case of a Laundry Monitor, I found it easier to just make VS and then build Nag Rules off of the switch status.

Ended up with these two Pistons which are working great. From here, I build specialized nag rules based on who is home.

Thanks again!

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I believe someone wanted to create something like what you’re trying to do before. I don’t know of a device that has that attribute ‘rain’ or something similar that we can use to figure out if it’s raining.

Now, if you’re the McGyver kind… maybe you can make on of the one below and now put the two ends of the wire on each end of a half piece of pvc that’s slanted slightly so that water will flow one direction. If water is flowing, the wires will be shorted (raining), once it stops, the circuit will break (no more rain) lol. I don’t know how accurate it would be but that’s one way to skin this cat :smiley: :smile_cat:

Yes from within the app off an iPhone

Hmmm, I just had a thought. I wonder if you can use a virtual thermostat, but the temp you’re going to feed it would be 1, 2 or 3 which would correspond to the states you want to monitor.

your the boss, if you say so lets do it :slight_smile:

Heh, I will PM you when I get home. I have some more questions on syncing the states.

Sep '16
This is my outdoors light piston - it combines variables, Switch, and follow up. It didn’t have to, but I tested the Switch this way. I could have simply put all the tasks in each individual ELSE IF condition (when true).
IMG_1357.PNG375x1398 65.2 KB
During the months of September and October (well, should be October only - but again, I tested with it), the light gets turned on before sunset, then it changes colors and then follows up with itself to continue the color cycle.

Adrian, when using the switch and case like this, how do I set this up? I begin switch and select my variable name (lightMode), but then I don’t feel like I am setting up my Begin Case correct (I don’t see an end case).

There is no end case. Case ends when another case starts or when the switch ends.

I remember reading that. So why does my dashboard view not have those lines in front? Just trying to nail this down. also, do I do a follow up piston for each case that repeats or one follow up for the entire piston before the end switch.

Not sure why the set is not properly aligned…
Go pats!

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Is there a reason you just didn’t use a timed piston that runs every 15 minutes to trigger the Refresh/Poll?

I get this error.

4b670813-a64e-4ec8-aadd-2911b5f81ae2 9:15:03 PM: debug ╔═══ Done
4b670813-a64e-4ec8-aadd-2911b5f81ae2 9:15:03 PM: trace ║╔══ Task processing took 615ms
4b670813-a64e-4ec8-aadd-2911b5f81ae2 9:15:03 PM: error ║║░░ ERROR: Error while executing processTasks: java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.Long cannot be cast to java.lang.Boolean
4b670813-a64e-4ec8-aadd-2911b5f81ae2 9:15:03 PM: trace ║║░░ Rescheduling time triggers
4b670813-a64e-4ec8-aadd-2911b5f81ae2 9:15:03 PM: trace ║╚══ Processing tasks (v0.1.139.20160810)
4b670813-a64e-4ec8-aadd-2911b5f81ae2 9:15:03 PM: debug ║╔══ Finished subscribing
4b670813-a64e-4ec8-aadd-2911b5f81ae2 9:15:02 PM: debug ║╚══ Initializing subscriptions…
4b670813-a64e-4ec8-aadd-2911b5f81ae2 9:15:00 PM: debug ╚═══ Initializing app…

Is it possible for a second presence sensor not to turn on lights if the first presence sensor has turned the lights off (via Alexa).

For example, my wife comes home and the lights turn on and she decides to take a nap so she has them off. Then later I come home and rather than lights turning on, they stay off until we tell Alexa or the st app to turn them on

How do you mean?

My suggestion would be to add a virtual switch that your wife can turn off if she decides to take a nap. Now add that virtual switch in your condition when evaluating if you want to turn on the light when presence arrives.

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Sorry I never got back to you, busy day yesterday. Actually had to do work at work. (That’s just wrong)
I see someone else more knowledgeable jumped in and your set up.


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