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OK. Stage 2 of my notification piston if sensors have stopped working.
I have one piston which tells me if a motion sensor stays reporting motion for over an hour and must therefore be faulty.
I now want a piston that will tell me if the sensor has gone to sleep and will not report anything.
I have tried using the temperature measurement stays the same for 6 hours but that doesn’t seem to work.
Any ideas anybody of how I can achieve this.

Thanks. After reading those and poking around some others I get the picture that each piston has its own memory allotment (100K) so the percent is a percent of its allowed usage. How does that work out to total limit for all pistons? The ones I am building look to take 5-10% so would that mean I have a max of 10-20 pistons assuming they are all that size? Or maybe since they are not always executing its not as simple as that?

I think this is a simple one As follows:
switch -
Is greater than 100w -

Using Location-
Send notification -
Message xxxx -

All works great but I only want one notification - it continues to send notifications.
Presumably there is an option to say “send notification X times”


Try enabling checking ‘execute on piston state change’.

@eibyer Thanks very much! It worked. Appreciated,

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I have just found this.
Will try it now.
Hope it works OK.

that’s weird - probably an error - you don’t have to create any pistons from there, go to the Automations

you can delete the empty ones from the IDE - see if you can add a piston from the Automations tab please…

Is there an easy way to limit a piston to running only once per day or once per time period? If so I am having a hard time finding the correct way to set this up.


I’ve have something similar. I set the piston to set a variable once it triggers and I use that variable in the condition. I then set a timer within the task to reset that variable to off or false (your choice) after 12 hours.

I went into IDE deleted the blank ones. Then on the phone went to automation selected core and then selected Add a Core piston. The cursor blinked for a few second and then nothing. It added another blank spot in IDE.

So, I’m attempting to setup some home arrival TTL. I have everything working in core with one main problem. Our doors have TTL notification messages for when they get open, for example ‘Front Door Opened’ since we have little kids and my wife wants to know if they run outside and via which door they ran outside. (Especially my 3 year old, he takes off.) My arrival core rule is set as follows;

“If wife presence sensor changed in the last 3 minutes AND wife presence sensor is set to ‘present’ AND either front door or garage entry door opens, then play greeting via SONOS.”

So, I can see in my core engine rules that this rule does trigger, but so does the ‘Front Door opened’ message, and all we actually hear is the ‘front door opened’ message occur. Since I have 2 rules both triggering to the same device, how do I overcome this? I tried turning on ‘global override’ to the wife arrival greeting rule but that didn’t change anything. Suggestions? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Add a Wait before playing your TTS? Long enough for the door open TTS to execute then play your Arrival TTS next.

Can you please check the IDE live logging for any errors?

Yeah, combine the two.

Add the two conditions to a basic piston, then tap the AND in between the conditions and change it to THEN IF. Also, the door will be a trigger - the only thing triggering an action.

   Front Door changes to open
   Wife was present for leas than 3 minutes
      >>> when true > using sonos play text "hi honey"
      >>> when false > using sonos play text "door open"

@ady624 no errors shown under location, smartapp, live logging.

If this helps you to help me, I had removed core at one point. before removal everything worked just fine. Now I’m trying to reinstall it and running into this problem. Could it be that something was left over causing the problem? As far as I know I deleted everything related to core before reinstall.

Same thing. Middle garage door is open and I can walk to inside dog door with fob and it pops right open. Core says it’s running

I have noticed I have some pistons showing up in my activity feed when I would have thought they wouldn’t be triggering. I think they are being triggered by motion detectors seeing motion. The multiple conditions prevent the piston from ever being true as well as I have set the only execute during an alarm state that is not active as well as set the task to only run on state change. The tasks are not running as the conditions don’t evaluate to true, but is there a way to prevent it from running in this manner? Maybe this is just how the activity feed works, I’ve never watched it too closely, but wasn’t sure.

I’m pretty sure you’re seeing the built in recovery actions of CoRE

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So with your updated piston this is what will happen.

IF - any of xxx door is open AND each of (meaning all) xxx door is unlocked
THEN - using xxx locks, lock the doors

Is this what you want to happen? What’s this fob that you speak of? Say what your trying to achieve here in writing and not piston form :slight_smile: