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CoRE for Dummies (How to get started and make your first Piston)


(JB) #66

Click on the else “task” and remove whatever is selected and hit done.
After is refreshes, it should disappear.

(Jeff Gloe) #67

I have followed the instructions to install CoRE and it is installed and in my smart apps tab. My problem is that when I try to create a piston, a spinning wheel pops up momentarily and then goes away. Nothing happens then.

If I leave the app and go back in, there is a blank line with an arrow over the piston line. The same thing happens if I click either one of them…spinning wheel then nothing.

Does anyone have an idea as to what might be going on?

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(Dustin Clark) #68

Gonna try and help you out because CoRE (SE) is not near where it needs to be for a production type use.

So just gonna hit on a few points first. Screenshots help us troubleshoot problems a lot easier and makes your life simpler because you will not have to try and explain details to us.

Do you have OAuth enabled?

Did you publish CoRE?

Are you accessing CoRE from your SmartApps tab and not the market place?

( I hate Mondays) #69

timezone setup in ST?

(Cody Farmer) #70

so I’m new to core and I want to convert over. couple core noob questions.

  1. does using core imply I should get rid of ST “routines”
  2. I use a couple different smart apps like smart lighting, or mood music and other community made apps that function and work well but if I go full tilt with core is it intended to replace all those basic functioning apps?
  3. the app itself can be a little intimidating with all its functions so is there a resource link to help better explain the or else, latching, basic and the many other variables to help me know when and what to use.
  4. I’m also wondering if I can replace all my shm security modes and try and make some window security flashing light alarm.

(JB) #71
  1. You could replace all of your routines, but you don’t have to. You can use CoRE with existing routines, modes, etc.
  2. Again, you can probably replace most smartapps, but you do not have to. I use CoRE, Smart Lighting, Double Tap, IFFFT, Stringify, etc.
  3. This will get you started. (most of my pistons are the “Basic” type)

(Cody Farmer) #72

thank you that answers a big question for me.

(Cody Farmer) #73

cool so I successfully made my first basic piston that replaced a senerio in my HA and it works much better. I am or was a little confused as to did I need to replace everything and make multiple pistons when a simple formatted smart app works just fine. it seems like the best method is a combination of simple apps for basic routines and core welcomes the real life variables that can be adjusted 110%
So would I be correct in saying using core is really a balance of ST routines, created simple smartapps, core for specifically defined automations. all to create an easy flow of efficiency?

(Andy F) #74

Is it possible for other/shared users of my SmartThings location to use and add pistons with CoRE? I’ve shared my SmartThings Location with additional users and would like them to also have the ability to configure CoRE pistons. I’ve installed this via GitHub and it works great from my phone, but on their phones (with their logins) others in the house can see the CoRE smartapp but are unable to add a piston. When “Add a CoRE piston…” is selected, the user receives the message “You are not authorized to perform the requested operation.”

( I hate Mondays) #75

I’m about to test that on my wife’s phone (when she’s done with it - that’s never lol). CoRE does not contain code to impose any restrictions on which account is doing the editing. Can the secondary account do anything else, like install any other apps or configure them?

( I hate Mondays) #76

Ok, so I tested. On iPhone, I can’t add a new piston. It just thinks and stops. No error, but no dice either. I was, however, able to change an existing piston. Adding a piston from my phone works fine (I am the primary account). I guess, try adding a blank piston from your phone and then have the other edit, see if it works?

(Andy F) #77

Both test phones are Android (primary is stock Galaxy S7, secondary is stock Pixel), running the GitHub master. The secondary phone was able to edit an existing Piston, it just cannot add one. I’ve tried using other installed apps, no issues with them on the secondary phone. The secondary phone can also add new smartapps just fine.

( I hate Mondays) #78

But can it add new child apps? Do you have any other app that uses a parent-child structure? Like AskAlexa, EchoSistant, Rule Machine, not sure which others… but apps that allow you to add sub-apps?

(Andy F) #79

Any simple ones to test with? I haven’t - but don’t have an Echo yet and Rule Machine is gone?

( I hate Mondays) #80

Don’t know, sorry.

(Andy F) #81

The Smart Lighting app is a parent-child SmartApp, used as an example to illustrate parent-child apps in the developer guide. I tested this and on a secondary user’s phone I was able to create, edit, and remove automations. This included the edit and removal of an automation created by the primary owner. So the CoRE issue of not being able to add pistons as a non-primary owner doesn’t appear to be present in the Smart Lighting parent-child app.

(Monte Montemayor) #82

Has anyone ever considered creating a video, YouTube, on how to setup? I have tried to follow the instructions for GitHub, etc but something just aint working for me.

(Cody Farmer) #83

are you using a pc tablet or phone to configure the set ups. I used my tab a and phone mainly but sometimes my PC worked better. have you got your lambda aws account set up? I know it’s very strange but I was so clueless at first as I am not a programmer but one thing at a time and you will start to understand. but first look at the wiki of setting up your lambda account.

(Monte Montemayor) #84

Oh shoot, I must have really missed something. I don’t have a Lambda account. I’ll have to go back and re-read what that is. I use everything for everything :slight_smile: In my home office, I have a 3-screen SurfacePro4, a 27" iMac, a 2-screen MacBook Pro, 9.7" iPad pro, Galaxy Tab 2.0, and now Galaxy S8+. I am planning on making the Galaxy Tab a permanent dedicated Smart Tile station.

(Cody Farmer) #85

start here and set up your account. I think. step by step but you will need this. and you have inspired me to try and make some quick how to videos. let me know how the aws lambda account goes.