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CoRE for Dummies (How to get started and make your first Piston)


(Monte Montemayor) #86

OK - I setup my account. Was surprised when it asked for my CC number but I think I am ok and not being charged anything. Here’s where I am at. BTW, I don’t know exactly what this is or why I need it. I am super familiar with AWS and Azure as I am in the tech industry and work with cloud services all the time but I don’t know what this is in our current context.

(Cody Farmer) #87

lol I don’t really know either but I know that we need it. so now what is it you want to do?. ie…install a third party app, ST supported app…make a routine, make a piston? I would suggest at this point to install ask alexa or echosistant as there both nice functioning apps that take a similar install process. wants you dial in and wrap your brain around that once you’ll start to see light. it’s a journey though.

but now that you have an aws account make a lambda function

(Cody Farmer) #88

do you have proper access to your IDE? that will be vital as well. I think this is the right location.

(Monte Montemayor) #89

Yes, so far I have: Access to the IDE, a GitHub account and now a Lambda account. At this point, I want to get everything setup so it actually works. I would like to glue these 3 things together, right now they’re not. And then try a simple piston to see what it does. From there, I have a lot of thing I’d like to explore. But as of right now, I am not setup to even try a piston. I did try to get everything connected via the FAQ (seriously I did JDR) but I didn’t “get it”. So short answer is: I want to get it all setup so I can at least try 1 simple Piston.

(Monte Montemayor) #90

BTW Cody, if you are ever in Seattle, let me know. I’d like to buy you a pint or latte for all of this help. Seriously, I appreciate it. I don’t know who else on this forum is Dyslexic like me (I am 100% sure there are others) but we process info differently. We have a hard time understanding things from written instruction but when we actually “do something for real”, it’s often way different from what we read. Our brains are weird.

(Cody Farmer) #91

locate the core groovy raw file. you can literally Google core groovy ady and you will find it. once you find the raw groovy file from github copy and paste into your IDE add smartapp from code.

and thank you. 6 months ago I was asking the same questions and I can read just fine but so many people here held my hand and walked me through what I needed so if I can help someone on here I will feel pretty good. now let’s get you cored up. let me know if your at this step or past it or not even close to it. screen shots are great

(Cody Farmer) #92

(Monte Montemayor) #93

Installation failing at the last step. I did everything (I think) exactly per the setup FAQ. However, when I get to the very last step I get an error. So I do this exactly:

And I get this error:

It looks right to me. And yes, I did copy this from the Git SmarthingsCommunity/Smarthings/Pub page and not my clone.

(Monte Montemayor) #94

Wait, I’m a dumb dumb. I didn’t change directories INTO the Core sub directory. I misunderstood the directions. On to the next step.

(Monte Montemayor) #95

Holy cow! I did it. I installed Core and created my 1st one per the instruction. Geeze this looks so powerful! Can’t wait to dig in. Now to learn about device handlers… :smiley:

(Cody Farmer) #96

C-town nice, I’m up in bellingham where lowes and Home Depot have no idea what the he’ll I’m talking about when I ask where there zwave switches and utilities are. Lol. Love it when the lowes electrician says “whatchya gunna do with dem dare fancy expensive switchy ma roos” once you get your environment set up then we can gladly toast to cup a Joe or a pike st. IPA cheers to HA…

(Cody Farmer) #97

nice work now the logic puzzles begin. what type of automations are you looking to do?

(Cody Farmer) #98

here’s an nice simple sleep walker piston I use to get a glass of water from the kitchen late at night. turns on some soft lights as I walk out of the bedroom and turns off when I return.

(Monte Montemayor) #99

Oh ya, that’s my exact same experience. In my learning curve, I originally accepted what they told me, which is why I had to return several products that didn’t work. I will say this though, I’ve be come a raving fan of Iris motion sensors and door/window sensor. They’re inexpensive and work 100% of the time. I haven’t had that experience with my ST accessories. And though I really like the Hue Sensors, I don’t have the skill yet to add them to ST so why bother?

(Monte Montemayor) #100

So this is probably an incredibly dumb question but what is this app interface you’re showing here to create this piston? Mine looks totally different. Also, how do you view the actual code?

(Cody Farmer) #101

lol not a dumb question. I had to ask two weeks ago. when you open core from app click the top that’s says dashboard and a url will come up with your pistons. select one and viaola. yes I use iris too. don’t buy the button they don’t last but my multi works. I bought there gd1 for 15 bucks there. Lowe’s has good prices but some work better then others. I’ve also got lowes zwave fire alarm and siren. I buy stuff I don’t even need just for fun projects…lol carefull I have a 1200sqf house and I me over 3k in automation stuff lol love it

(Monte Montemayor) #102

You sound like me. If this keeps up, I may have to sleep on your couch. :wink:

(Monte Montemayor) #103

Oh, how do you view the actual code that is generated?

(James T) #104

@zonomo adding Hue sensors to ST are extremely easy. Install the device handler from here [BETA] Hue Motion Sensor (beta) (no hue bridge)
and push a pin in the back of the sensor and hold for 10 seconds. Then using the ST app set h for new devices

(Monte Montemayor) #105

Thank you @Townsmcp; I learned from that thread that when I pair it to ST, then I lose the Hue Hub connection. Since I have about 4 of them, and since I’ve never actually installed a Device Handler, I am a tad shy of trying this. Maybe over the weekend. :slight_smile: