CoRE and Piston Rules Engine, first design steps

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save/load state from variable[/quote] :+1:

You didn’t ask, but I’m going to impute a request from your “not done” list for a suggestion. Have you considered the isPhysical attribute for a switch (to determine if it was physically or programmaticly pressed)? No prob if it can’t be done or just doesn’t make your cut list.

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I believe that’s an event property, not an attribute? What attributes does it apply to? Any one? Or is it only switch? Does it mean that someone physically (mechanically) flipped the switch?

Yes, it means that it was actually physically pressed at the switch, not via programming.

It’s a great feature!


I was going to mention @bamarayne, but he beat me to it.

I hate to even reference other SmartApps, because CoRE is incomparable, but… here are a couple of screenshots of RM’s implementation.

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BAM! RESULT! AWESOME DUDE … where is the paypal account???

Lol. What worked now? 'cause something must be wrong :slight_smile:

After being asked by I don’t know, 10 people?!?, I added it to the other thread.

This will be fixed in v0.0.061 (not released yet). Something BIG is coming.


Didnt monitor this afternoon and I am mow able to see the scheduler timers associated with the invoking statement - all I have asked for. Awesome - blown away - donated cheers!!! Keep the good stuff coming.

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After posting this in the wrong thread, here goes:

Okay, here’s the BIG news. v0.0.061.20160602 - Alpha test version - Minor bug fixes. Introducing the Follow-Up piston. Chain them together, delay them forever, do whatever you need with them :slight_smile:

Follow-Up pistons are just like the Simple pistons. The only differences are:

  • does not support triggers
  • does not subscribe to anything

They can be initiated from other pistons via the Follow up with piston task. This task can be delayed just like any other using the Wait task in front of it, so you can technically say "IF (this) Then (that) Else (wait 5 min, follow up with piston).

Even better, you can follow up with the piston over and over… the follow up piston can follow up with another piston, even itself. Combine that with a global variable counter and you can have a complex solution where something initiates the counter, does things and follows up with a piston that can follow up with itself x times until either your expectations are met, or the counter hits 0, hence giving up… I guess, unlimited possibilities :slight_smile: Enjoy.


Thank you :slight_smile:

Where would one donate? I’d love to show my appreciation…

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When I get to my phone, Ill be donating too!

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Thanks for adding the dashboard, it works great.

Do you think at some point you might be able to add a formatting option for variables?



LOL - I’d have to invent God Mode for that… way beyond expert :slight_smile:

UPDATE: I should call this the my-momma-is-an-expert-and-I’m-better-than-her mode.

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Bam! Done. Use v0.0.061 LOL - I am so happy I decided to go with hexadecimal, or else I’d be running out of numbers 000-999… LOL Chrome and Firefox are eating dust…

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Follow up to this. When I create a new piston and hit “Done”, it goes back to the CoRE “home” page and not to the SmartApps page. And eventually the new piston shows up in the list, so that appears to function as expected. It’s only when you tap “Done” on an existing piston that it skips back over the “home” page to the SmartApps page.

I gave this a shot and received “You cannot currently add this” I believe it was.

What can’t you add? Hold on, making some changes to the follow up. Will allow any piston, ask for delay, and possibility to return resulting piston state to a variable. Also adding Execute piston which would not have the delay. Also, follow-up pistons should not schedule time events. It does as of now, bug.

[quote=“chickwebb, post:2487, topic:46546”]
When I create a new piston and hit “Done”, it goes back to the CoRE “home” page and not to the SmartApps page.
[/quote]Just to add my $.02… I am certain this was new behavior, beginning roughly 7-10 days ago.

I’ll look into it. Got an Android tablet that acts like that.

Meanwhile, updated the Follow Up to have a delay and a variable too. So if anyone used that, please revisit that task.

Also added Execute piston (which does an immediate execution on the piston and can return the new state)

v0.0.062.20160602 - Alpha test version - Updated Follow Up and added Execute. Not fully tested yet.

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