Cordless Cellular Shade Retrofit Motor Kit?


Does anyone know of a motor that can be retro fitted to a existing cordless cellular shade? Bonus points for being battery powered. I’ve done tons of googling and cannot find anything. I have lots of cordless cellular shades all over my house and would love to automate them but don’t want to replace the whole shade. The only retro fit shade kits seem to be for blinds with wands or for shades that have a chain or string to operate them.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

It would help to know what country you are in as the device options do vary. Also, do you need both top down and bottom up control?

The only brand I know that does have a cellular blind retrofit option that is certified as works with SmartThings is “automate“, which is one of those generic names that I hate because it’s impossible to google. :rage:

Anyway, you can find them in the SmartThings app, at least in the US.

They say their motors can be adapted to cellular shades, but they don’t say how so you would have to contact them.

They use their own proprietary frequency, which SmartThings does not have a radio for, so you have to buy their “pulse 2” hub in order to get smartthings integration. The hub by itself cost about $250. I haven’t been able to see how much the motors are, they mostly seem to be sold through professional installers. But again there’s that Google issue. :thinking:

Here are their smartthings integration instructions:

And here’s their website where you could see their products, and get in touch with them for more information:

But I haven’t seen many reviews by people who actually have them. Apparently, this is one of those integrations, where smartthings mark it as “off-line“ a lot, which can be frustrating.

So I don’t know if it’s a great candidate, but it does exist.

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Thank you for the information! You are right there isn’t much you can google about them and their website is not that clear about exact information. Also $250 just for a hub seems a bit pricy. I’m based in the US and am really hoping their is a reasonable option to convert by shades to motorized.