Controlling scene with aeotec multisensor 6 lux?

I would like to activate a switch based on lux level but have been unable to determine how to do this within smartthings

Smart Lighting can do this for you.
In the ST app on your phone, click on Marketplace > SmartApps > Lights and Switches and you will find Smart Lighting.

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I might be missing something, but I currently have a switch and the Aeotec multisensory 6 connected to smartthings hub. I have been unable to find an automation process that will operate the switch based on the sensor lux.

Did you look at the Smart Lighting smartapp as I said above. This will do it for you.

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I looked at Marketplace and found “light bulbs” (which list a zillion bulbs), “sensors” (which contained the sensor I already have - but nothing about using it within smartthings), “switches” (which listed the switch that I have - but I don’t think that is the problem), “other” and “smartthigs labs” (neither of which had anything about lumens) but no “SmartApps”. Am I misunderstanding your suggestion?

Are you in the US? If so, you have a different set of menu options the me in the UK.
Did you go to the Marketplace tab at the bottom of the ST app on your phone?
Then at the top click on the SmartApps tab.
Scroll down and click on anything that mentions lights. Hopefully you will find Smart Lighting.
Click on it.

Sigh, I am in the US, which explains the problem. I will search item by item and see if I can find anything. Thanks for your help.

When you do find it and it opens, click on new lighting automation.
Pick the light/switch you want to control.
Pick what you want to do with it. (Turn On or Off).
Select trigger. - Illuminance at the bottom.
Pick your multi sensor and light level.
Save, Save, Save.

You’re looking under things. You need to be looking under Smartapps.

See the official knowledgebase article:

I did find the SmartApps tab and got things running. I was just looking in the wrong place. Thanks for the help.