Controlling Light Color with OSRAM Lightify

I’m trying to write a SmartApp to control the colors on an OSRAM Lightify A19 RGWB bulb, and cannot get it to work correctly.
When trying to set the hue, I’m usually able to make it work with:
But setting the saturation works maybe half the time:
Similarly, setting color temperature sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t:
And reading or setting color doesn’t work at all:
def bulbColor = thebulb.currentColor
def bulbColor = thebulb.latestValue(“color”)

Reading saturation always gives me 50 (which is the same as I see in My Devices), but level and hue work fine. I can set any setting fine in the SmartThings app.

Am I just doing this wrong? (Apologies, I’m new at coding in Groovy and with ST). Not clear if I’m just clueless, or there’s bulb, firmware, or ST device handler issue.

Are other people able to get this bulb working?


@sticks18 has done a lot of work with these bulbs, and may have some suggestions.

Also see the following thread:

Thank you! I had been through that thread and couldn’t find anyone with an A19 bulb, but I just tried the modified Zigbee RGBW Bulb Device Handler from @sticks18 and I’m up and running. Much appreciated!

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