Controlling Electric Smart Relay Switch via custom script

Researching if I will be able to control Electric Smart Relay Switch, which has “SmartThings” logo on it, via custom script from my raspberry pi… Has anybody did something like this?

As @JDRoberts would say “models matter”. Who makes the switch? What model is it? Is it Z-Wave, Zigbee, or Wi-Fi? Do you have a ST v2/v3/Aeotec/Wi-fi hub?

The answers to those questions will help us point you in the right direction.

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This switch I was looking into:

Looks like maker is EARU Electric, never heard about them before, but they work with many cloud providers, but strangely do not provide API nor we hooks…

Was told about Shelly Pro 3 switch, they do provide webhooks, so I ordered one to play around with, and will see how it goes with them. Looks like they do not require any cloud providers and can be used directly from scripts.

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That’s a Tuya device.

Tuya is a big company that manufactures home automation devices and also provides a cloud service and an app.

Most of their products are sold to other companies which rebrand them, may make some firmware changes, and then sell them under their own brands. This includes Moes, Zemismart, Yagutech, Globe Electric, and literally more than a dozen other companies. Any product using the “Smart Life” app or the Tuya app or that includes the Tuya logo in its product description was originally made by Tuya.

So when looking for integration options, research the Tuya version of that model. Just be aware that there can be some differences from company to company.

Since the specific model that you linked to is Wi-Fi, not Zigbee, you should have a number of integration options.