Controlling Aprilaire dehumidifier schedule or setpoint by time of day

I am looking for SmartThings integration with my Aprilaire dehumidifier. Is anyone aware of a way of achieving that through the 24V control board? Here’s my situation:

I have an Aprilaire E080 dehumidifier for my crawlspace. It only runs in the crawl space and is not tied to my living space HVAC system. I purchased the Aprilaire 8620W thermostat to have wireless control and connectivity to the dehumidifier, because the crawl space access is not easy. I do not use any thermostat functionality because it’s not connected to my main HVAC system; it only controls the crawlspace humidity.

I did not realize the 8620W thermostat does not allow humidity control in it’s schedule feature (only thermostat scheduling), and I would like to raise the humidity threshold during the higher time-of-use rate periods during the day and lower it during the cheaper time-of-use rate periods at night to achieve lower costs on my electric bill while maintaining an average humidity level between the tier rates that would otherwise be the 24-hour humidity level.

Aprilaire lists home automation partners on its website, but not SmartThings. I suppose I’m looking for something that uses the control board outside of Aprilaire partner API integration. I’m also looking for non battery operated smart humidity sensors as a backup notification of failure.

Why not set the threshold to a low level and connect it to a Z-Wave or ZigBee switch and have it turn on when required? An app like this can use a humidity sensor and a switch and you have it scheduled your humidifier.