Controll Third-Party oath APIs (Tellstick)

I currently working on to integrate my Tellstick Net ( to control it form the ST app. My Tellstick net have 6 devices (switches and doorbells) and 3 sensors (temperature) connected to it and I think it would be awesome if I’m able to control and monitor this devices and sensors like if there where regular z-wave/zigbee/lan devices.

But the question is can ST and SmartApps communicate to a third party’s oath API or any external http request and use this information to add new things?

I have searched in the forum, but all I can find is API for controlling existing ST things.

You can find documentation regarding making standard http requests here:

You can do OAuth authenticaion as well, but takes a bit more work. I think there’s been a healthy discussion here that you can take a look at:

Thanks @imbrian. Send a standard HTTP request is a good start, I can make a relay server and use that until I have figured out OAuth part to connect to Tellstick API directly.

But how do I add devices and sensors (aka things) to ST with a smartapp?

Here’s an example of a Smart App that’s used to create a device after authenticating with an OAuth endpoint:

And this is the device controller that is in use after authentication:

I haven’t dealt with a lot of the innards of this, so I’m probably not going to be able to answer any more than basic questions right now. But hopefully this’ll point you in the right direction.

This looks exactly what I need. Thank you @imbrian!

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Sorry for ressurecting this thread @walle but did you ever get to intergrate Telldus with ST?

Any tips on how to integrate Telldus <-> Smarthings ?

Sorry for a bit… late… to respond. I just ended up with using both apps until each 433mhz sensor eventually broke and got replaced with comparable compatible Zwave sensor.