Control4 Card-Access zigbee extender?

Does anyone know if the Card Access zigbee extenders work with ST?

I imagine that unless it’s speaking proprietary (which according to spec sheet it’s speaking the IEEE zigbee standard), it would need a device type in ST. Thoughts? Has someone already done this?

Control4 uses their own proprietary coding. Not compatible with SmartThings.

The Zigbee standard allows for the use of multiple profiles, including manufacturer-proprietary, which are not all compatible with each other. They don’t even use the same addressing schemes.

SmartThings uses the Zigbee Home Automation profile 1.2 (ZHA 1.2). So when considering a new device, the first thing to check is if it is certified for ZHA 1.2. Which the linked device, like almost all Control4 devices, is not.

There are more details in the community-created wiki:

(The IEEE standard refers to the radio frequency at which messages will be broadcast by this device, but not the content of those messages, which is why the profiles can be incompatible.)

Thanks JD. I had seen some evidence of success with Control4 & ST integration elsewhere, where it appears at least one of the Control4 devices he’s using speaks a version of HA.

But Patrick hasn’t updated that thread in a while. I just bid on one of the extenders on eBay for $49… not sure if it has a reserve, so if I don’t win it then /shrug and if I do then I may dust off some of my skills & poke around with it a bit.

@pstuart is a grandmaster at integrations, but I think he’s only been working with Control4 sensors, a much simpler task than a device like the extender. But he would certainly know more about what might be hack able.

As far as out of the box integrations, though, ZHA 1.2. :sunglasses:

He has been able to make some ST devices controllable by Control4, but that still requires a Control4 license.

It will pair. But all activity is done in a custom cluster. I don’t use them for extending, but it might just work out of the box.

Card access was bought by control4 and all docs and info is locked up behind nda.

There are no plans I am aware of to allow control4 stuff to work on anything but control4.

With that said, they do pair and if you can figure out the endpoints, clusters and commands, you might be able to get it to work.

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