Control X10 With Smartthings Video Tutorial Control X10 With Smartthings Video Tutoria. Hope this helps someone. :slight_smile:

So this is all based on the use of a laptop as a “man in the middle” server running TriggerCMD, right?

I know there’s a cloud service piece, does this depend on that company staying in business? It’s not like indigo where you buy the software license and then it just runs on your laptop. Or am I confused?

JDRoberts, I’m the developer of TRIGGERcmd. I’m planning to leave TRIGGERcmd going indefinitely. My kids will probably inherit it.

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I am on a Mac, and would love to control my old X10 devices, could it be done without writing scripts etc?

… I think if x10 commander works on mac it should work… I did not use scripts at first, I would just type the command in a internet browser bar… If the commands on a Mac are similar… maybe… Check out the forum over at and ask them to help you get working on a mac. then check the commands that work on a Mac and use TriggerCMD to tie it into smartthings . :slight_smile: