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Control US/CA 3A Smart ZigBee 3.0 Plug / Outlet with SmartThings


Is the Nue Smart Plug (AU/CA/US version) a zigbee repeater for Smartthings as well? If it can be a repeater, I will get a few to extend the network.


Yes, it will works as a ZigBee repeater as well.

(Tim Wallace) #23

I just got mine and am following your instructions. When I go into the developer tools, there is no option to edit the Zigbee settings (OTA enabled / unsecure rejoin). When I click view utilities I only get Z-Wave utilities, Hub Commands and Presence Timeout.

Any suggestions?


Hi Tim,

Please have a look the attached screenshot for reference. You should see them from this window.



(Tim Wallace) #25

Thanks Kevin.

My screen is missing all of the Zigbee settings. I bought my SmartThings hub via kickstarter when they first launched. It seems as though the hardware / firmware is different than what you are running.

Where did you source yours from?




Hi Tim,

My SmartThings hub is US version from America.



(Roy) #27

Hi all,

It appears to me its the " " in the DTH. Search and replace all in Notepad++ or something similar and the pasted driver above should save ok.



You do not need the code anymore. Please just edit the device by selecting Type- ZigBee Switch and version-Published. If it still does not work, please tell me your email address and I will email the device handler to you.