Cloudy or clear future -- local operation

With the shift to the Aerotec hub, I am considering returning to Smarthings but one absolute requirement is the ability for my house to operate independently of the Internet. Can my programs work completely locally?

Not with SmartThings. It is still primarily a cloud-based system, and the newly released Aeotec hub is just a rebadged clone of the previous V3 smartthings hub.

There are a number of low cost home automation systems which work primarily locally, at least after initial set up, including Hubitat, Apple HomeKit, Homeseer, etc. But smartthings is not in that group.

They have said they hope to offer more local operation in the future, but it is not there yet and they’ve been saying that since 2015.


I’m using Hubitat now. I had hoped that Samsung learned about the problems with cloud dependency. The new TypeScript support made me hopeful.

Oh well.

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