Control the siren in Popp smoke detector

Hi. Is it possible to control the siren on a Popp smoke detector? I’m thinking of using the siren in the smoke detector to be active if there’s an intrusion. If yes, how is it done?

I’ve never used that device, but generally speaking smoke or CO alarms are designed so that they can’t do what you’re asking.

There is the (theoretical) possibility that using the alarm for other purposes (like intrusion) could cause a delay or failure to alarm when smoke is also detected.

I think it’s possible with other hubs/home automation systems. According to the manual, it should be possible to control the siren by changing the parameter. But that is not an option in Smartthings.

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Perhaps what I am describing is specific to the US. I can’t really speak to what’s permitted in Europe.

Personally, I would buy a separate intrusion siren for the reasons I have described (i do have a separate intrusion siren, actually).

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Good arguments there. I was hoping to get a 2 in 1 with the smoke detectors. But I will reconsider that thought. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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Are you in the EU?

This thread is relatively recent and it discusses several sirens that are compatible with ST. But most or all of them are probably available in the US only.

No, but I know the Zipato/Phileo Siren has a EU model and some users are using it with my DTH.


I’m in EU yes.

good point.

It’s inefficient that users country locations are not immediately clear in this forum. If I knew then I could just skip it.