Control heat exchanger with thermostat?

I have Tado thermostats on my radiators but I also have a non-smart thermostat in the basement, controlling the heat exhancher for the radiators. I can save a lot on my heating bill by adjusting the exchanger thermostat for the seasons and closing during summer. I do this manually, but would like to do it automatically and instead use a smart themostate for heat exchanger, but I struggle to see how it could work.

Setting a temperature will not work since I probably cannot influence the outside temperature ;), and using heating or off states is too rough. I would instead like to be able to set fixed levels instead and disregard temperature regulation. For instance levels of heating from 1-5. Is that currently possible?

Hello @Henrik_Riis,

As I understand from your description, you want to create an automation to change the thermostat mode based on customized heat levels. Is this correct?

Currently, the feature to set custom heat levels directly on the thermostat device is not available, you can refer to the capabilities document.

However, you can achieve something similar with the following solution:

  1. Go to the IDE and create a virtual dimmer device (this will be the controller)
  • Sign In with the account configured on the SmartThings mobile app
  • Click on “My devices” and then on “New device”
  • On “Type”, select “Virtual Dimmer”
  • On “Location”, select the same where the thermostat devices are configured
  • The other required (*) fields, such as “Device name” can have any value.
  1. Create the automation using the “Switch Level” capability of the virtual dimmer to change some states/values on the Thermostat
  • Using the SmartThings mobile app automation. Here you can set conditions (device status, capability value, time) and based on that, control other devices.


Let me know if you have any questions.

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