Control GE Z-wave fan with a single push button?

I have a GE Z-wave fan control and i am using ChadCK’s excellent device handler. My issue arises when I try to integrate it into my Harmony Elite remote. The Harmony uses a very clumsy integration with the dimmer control for the fan. What I want is a single push button that cycles the fan through the speeds and off like the pull chain does on most fans. This would allow me to assign a single button on the remote to the fan.

I don’t think you can do this with the switch. You can definitely do it with a button controller, like a minimote, and there is a smartapp for that. But that doesn’t help you with the Harmony remote.

Just in case you are interested in that option, here’s that code:

The only possibility I can think that might work with a switch you could control from Harmony is core. It might be able to do this. I would ask in the peer assistance thread, The folks there will know if it’s possible.

You could do this with a virtual switch and CoRE. Start with a variable value of zero, then every time the virtual switch changes state add 25, then if variable value >=100, subtract 100. Then set your fan level to the variable value. This will give you repeating pattern of 0 (off) - 25 (low) - 50 (med) - 75 (high) - 0 (off).

Starting with 0 and subtracting 25 would work too if you wanted to go off-high-med-low-off: Start with value of zero, then subtract 25 each state change. Then if variable value <0, add 100. This pattern would be 0-75-50-25-0.

Only downside of this is that the on/off virtual switch state doesn’t correlate to actual on/off fan state, but if you just want to cycle through the different speeds that shouldn’t matter.

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Built this real quick as proof-of-concept, seems to update the variable value correctly each time the Fan Pull Chain switch changes (0-75-50-25-0). I didn’t have time to add in the command to set the fan level, but it would be a simple addition.

Thank you very much for your suggestion, unfortunately I have no knowledge of how to use Core.

Installing custom code in smartthings is pretty straightforward. Basically you copy the author’s code and paste it into your own account. The following describes the process:

If that sounds like something you want to try, then you can look into CORE.

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I can’t think of any other way to accomplish what you’re looking for. I added the fan SetLevel command and tested tonight, this works. If you decide to install and check out CoRE, this will do what you’re asking.

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Thank you again for your suggestion. You have motivated me to look into Core. I am familiar with the IDE, I have implemented a few custom device handlers and Smartapps, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to learn. Regarding the Piston you suggested, I have one more request. Is it possible to retrieve the current state of the fan wall switch? This would allow me to keep the pull chain in sync with the wall switch.

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You can, yes. I’m not sure what this would realistically accomplish though, since there are 4 possible fan settings but only two switch states. If you can explain a little more what exactly you want it to do I can try to add.

Going back to the original problem of Harmony being clumsy, it took me a bit to get the hang of changing dimmer levels with the Harmony touch screen, I found that if you swipe in and make contact with the screen while swiping, it works well. If you try to touch the screen first, then start your swipe, it tends to think you’re pressing the button instead of changing the dimmer level. Took a video of my controller and switches, Harmon controls the middle two switches in the background, you can see the LEDs change as I change the level on the remote.

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I am aware of how to use the Harmony, in my opinion it’s clumsy. Also my family does not like using it.

To your question regarding the state of the switch. I wanted to know which speed it is currently set to prior to changing. Normally when you turn on the switch it starts at last set speed, without the sync, it would always start at whatever speed you last set the pull chain at. This allows using the wall switch or the Harmony without confusion.


Got it. Let me think through this one…

This should work.

I am confused. I installed Core in the IDE, but I don’t understand how to get your suggested Piston into SmartThings. Is there a tutorial on how to actually set up a Piston using the SmartThings interface? I read through a lot of the support stuff but it all assumes I know how to use it.


Tagging @JDRoberts, he has some good links for CoRE assistance…

Lots of tutorials, there is a ton of documentation in the community – created wiki. :sunglasses:

There’s also a peer assistance thread where you can ask for help if you get stuck on anything. People there will be glad to help you whether your question is basic or advanced. In your case, I’d go directly to the peer assistance thread since you’ve already looked at some of the support materials.