Control Desk Fan

I have a three speed oscillating desk fan that has been adapted and mounted to a fan box on my office wall. The fan has a two speed switch in it and is hardwired into a wall switch. If I set the fan switch to high and install a ge fan switch, would I be able to control the speed in ST? I know it’s a unique situation, but maybe someone has done it before. Cheers!

you can control the speed as on and off with a regular Zwave/Zigbee 2position switch or plug. I’d do that and set the fan to low. I don’t think the GE FAN SWITCH is appropriate since it is usually applied to ceiling fans with a different switching mechanism.

Most desk fans have separate windings and the physical switch changes between them. If you can take it apart and wire in 2-3 relay modules then you could make it work at multiple speeds. Otherwise no.

Thanks! I’ll stick with an on/off switch then.