Control Bluetooth Outdoor Flood Light?

I needed to replace an outdoor light with a motion detector flood light. I wanted one that can work with ST but I couldn’t fine one. I ended up with one that can be controlled via Bluetooth with very limited function (basically on-off) as long as I am close. Its installed and works as advertised but I want more control. Here’s my question:

I know I can I install a Smartswitch (I have Lutron through out my home so I’ll prob stick with that) to control the flood lamp. If I turn the smartswitch off (either physically or via the app) and motion occurs, will the light go on? Or do i need to keep the light on and let the non-smart time out and turn off?

Thx for the edit JDR to make it more clear. :slight_smile:

What happens when you first turn on the light by the switch. Does it default to on or off?

I just tested this. I tripped the light to on. Turned the physical switch off, light off. Then turned the physical light switch on but light was off. I moved in front of the sensor and light turned on as expected.

Then your answer is no. For this to work with a smart switch it would have to turn on every time it was powered on from a switch.

So just to confirm, the key thing I want to do - Turn the light on/off if I am away traveling - can’t be done with my setup.

You can turn it off but once it’s off you’ll never be able to turn it back on without intervention… If your flood turned on by default whenever you turned on the switch then you could just use a standard smart switch and treat your flood lamp like any old ‘dumb’ fixture.

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