Control another switch using unused light switch?

I have an unused switch in my bedroom. I’d like it to turn on a light in the bathroom so as to avoid disturbing sleeper. I still want light controllable in bathroom. How can I do this? Do I just wire in smart switch (which won’t be controlling what it is wired to) then rely on IFTTT to trigger smart switch in bathroom? Or is there a special switch for this?

This forum is for people who are using the Samsung smart things home automation platform, so the answers that you get will be in context of that platform. ( it’s a very active forum, so it tends to come up high on general google searches about home automation, but it is specific to that technology. )

Assuming you do have a smartthings hub, you don’t need to use IFTTT, but the general principle is exactly what you’ve described. You would probably use the official smart light feature in the smartthings app. And again, using SmartThings you would have a wide choice of devices: most people would probably use a Z wave switch for this. There is one designed for exactly this kind of purpose, which makes the wiring a little simpler, but you do need to have a Z wave hub of some kind to make it work. It’s available as both a dimmer control or regular on/off switch.

If by chance you are not a smartthings user, then, yes, your general concept would apply, and you would probably do it with a Wi-Fi switch that had an IFTTT channel. :sunglasses:

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