Control 3-speed Ceiling Fan and Light Kit?

Awesome! No I haven’t tried Rule Machine but I will give it a try. Thanks @whyintheworld !

UPDATE: I just downloaded @bravenel Rule Machine and just like you thought Bruce has updated it. I haven’t gone through entire thread but Bruce is a machine! WOW :slight_smile: He recently released a new update specifically with thermostat operating state functionality. Continuing the discussion from Rule Machine Version 1.7 Released:

Got it done and it works fine. Thanks for the tip @whyintheworld about Rule Machine. This app is so powerful I don’t know why SmartThings doesn’t just adopt this and just include it out of the box? Here is my final setup in Rule Machine.

UPDATE: I took out Rule Machine due to some disadvantages and instead I ended up writing a smartapp specifically for a 3 Speed Ceiling Fan thermostat control via temperature.

The problem with Rule Machine was

  1. It was very cumbersome to make a simple room setpoint change due to the number of rules involved and for those with more than one fan made it worse.
  2. Anytime the fan starts up from being off I wanted it to start temporarily in High speed just like all the manufacturers do with their pull chain first bringing on high speed. This was again doable in rules but very tedious.
  3. Rule Machine got pulled and it seems like SmartThings and the author @bravenel are not able to work it out.
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