Constantly varying dimmer level

I’ve got a 12v dimmable power supply (and using a z-wave dimmer) on some outdoor LED strips and wanted to create an effect of ramping up and down the brightness. Other than adding individual incremental timed automations, which would be quite tedious and far from a smooth transition, is there a way to accomplish this? If so, would this cause any undo issue with the switch electronics having constant changes?

just like constantly turning a smart switched plug on and off will wear it out, the same thing will happen with a dimmer, but probably slower.

Normally I would agree but newer devices have more digital guts which should limit degradation.

These kind of devices will also fail after awhile due to age even with no use.

So which comes first, failure due to age or failure from too many on/offs or dim cycles?

That’s what I thought, the smart dimmer would be mainly solid state. Actually may have the same problem with the dimmable power supply wearing out of voltage constantly varies. But lights do this somehow.

Actually this just became available with new edge driver for some light bulbs
Check this link. I was able to set lights to gradually dimm up and dimm down at set time

You can have dimming period from 30 sec to 45 minutes