Constant color shifting light app

Is there an app that can constantly change the color of a RGBW bulb( like the ORSHAM Lightify bulb).
Kinda like this.

Use the quick browse list in the community created wiki in the smart app section. Choose the list for “lighting.” Scroll through that until you find a smart app called “garden hue.” even though the author named it “hue” it’s intended for Osram devices.:sunglasses:

Core might also be able to do it, I’m not sure.

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FYI, I was able to modify the Garden Hue app to run every minute (previous was every 5 minutes). SmartThings only allows you to schedule once per minute now, so that is the quickest you can change colors.

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I purposely did not offer once per minute as that puts you much load on the system.

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Can you explain too much load? Like too much network traffic or too much CPU consumption?