Any interest in new hue change color app sunset to sunrise

(Larry) #1

I am writing a new smart app to color my landscape using the outdoor osram garden spots.

I could not find a smartapp that would change the color every so often sunset to sunrise…

So far I have it cycle through about 7 colors, only turns on sunset to sunrise and will change color only between these times, OR if you manually turn one or more of the hue lights controlled on.

I have set cycle times of 10 , 15, 30 minutes, 1 hour and 3 hours. so I can use the built in functions of runeveryxxminutes etc. so as not to overload the backend running on fixed times. (check the docs these randomize the time).

I also have a disable/enable option.

I am using the scheduling/cron feature to do this and also schedule turning the hues on at sunset and off at sunrise.

I currently am in development and testing and wanted to see if there was much interest in the app, or if anyone already knew of a smartapp that would do this.


(Larry) #2

first version working… actually have 16 different colors it cycles through in order of spectrum for most part.
def colorArray = [“Red”,“Brick Red”,“Safety Orange”,“Orange”,“Amber”,“Yellow”,“Green”,“Turquoise”,“Aqua”,“Navy Blue”,“Blue”,“Indigo”,“Purple”,“Pink”,“Rasberry”,“White”]

Also have a random mode if you turn a switch on…

just testing that the sunset to turn on and sunrise to turn off work correctly then i will post…