Connexis L1 wont add any tags or anything

Tried a few different places and not really got anywhere so I saw a few posts answered on here and registered.

Ive had a connexis L1 fitted on wednesday by a door fitter. I really dont think he knew what he was doing as the master card wont work but anyway.

I paired it to my phone fine and my phone works fine with it, the tag the guy gave my wife works fine. I just bought 5 tags today for famlily members and I cant get any to pair. As soo as I get to the point where it asks to wake up the door it just stays blue and times out eventually. Ive tried with it open, shut locked unlocked but It wont do anything.

The really helpful yale website just says “make sure there is only one primary user” but I cant see anywhere you check this.

Last resort is starting fresh from scratch but Ive no idea how to do that either as he fitted it.

any help would be appriciated.

Are you trying to get pair your tags with your lock or get them to show up in SmartThings when they’re used?
You may want to check that the tags are compatible with your lock, they may respond to a different RF frequency.
If you’re trying to get the tags to show in SmartThings then you’ll need a custom device handler like this one.