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Connection to Domoticz defined devices like Blinds and On/Off switches


(Martin Verbeek) #564

Could you PM me the application state. You find it under ide my locations , installed apps, domoticz server. I am interested in the contents of the settings and the state variables. This way I can follow logic. I have no real ability to start from scratch with all the used devices😑

met vriendelijke groeten,


(Huongminh) #565

suddenly I found all the domoticz scenes pop up in my phone’s app. But they all have off line status in the IDE and “This device is unavailable” message appear in the device screen of the phone smartthing app. I captured the log with error message attached.

(Martin Verbeek) #566

scene devices are added, but looks like the corresponding item in application state is not there…really need the content of the app settings and state…

(Martin Verbeek) #567

I have committed 7.11 of the app. I found two problems, one is related to the above null pointer. The other is that i rewrote the function that is handling the request for all devices from domoticz, i noticed that i do not check for a state that nothing exists…might be the cause (not sure…)

(Martin Verbeek) #568

I have now tested new app with a second instance from scratch and it works like it supposed to, could you confirm that it now works for you as well?

(Huongminh) #569

Hello Martin,

I could not find any update from your repo. I have been stuck with domoticz server since then. Now imy IDE and iOS app ound all the domoticz scenes again but in uneachable status and not working.



(Martin Verbeek) #570

Hi Minh, it is weird. Could you do me a favour and check and remove all instances of domoticz server app via the ide? Go to my locations, list smartaps, in the top click edit, then you can easily remove any occurrence.

Then do a fresh install of the app, and reply step by step how you configure it. I hope to find the missing link that way, sorry for the trouble.

met vriendelijke groeten,


(Ed) #571

Loving this!

Any idea why I get these type of errors in some devices? (from Domoticz log)

Switches (contact, motion and switch) seem to be working fine. However temperature and utility sensors in general give the same error

(Martin Verbeek) #572

Are you getting the correct status back in the SmartThings app?

things to check: correct customActionUrl? are the local networks whitelisted in Domoticz? IS Oauth enabled in SmartThings App.

There is a wiki link in the top of this thread somewhere, that might also show what to check and where…

(Ed) #573

Yes, but only the switch type devices.

Yes, actionUrl + whitelist + OAuth enabled smartApp.
I’ll have further play… hopefully is not the amount of devices I have (about 300 or so) that is causing the issue.

(Martin Verbeek) #574

Should not be a problem with 300 devices, notification should only be send when things change, do you see any notification success messages.
I see a failed for a switch type as well in your log.
Could you try one thing, a problem I had before is that when I pasted the customurl it had an extra character at the end that I could not see, could you redo the customurl?
You can check for invalid url as well in the app, it will show invalid url message in the configure screen.

(Ed) #575

Just checked, same errors, it is the urlcustomactionhttp, right? not the domoticzurl, as they are very similar different token

Most of the devices that fail are:

Thermostat valves
Temperature and Humidity, air quality and related devices

Basically most of the devices that are under the utility tab in Domoticz.

2018-06-26 17:51:33.748 Notification: SENSOR 423 Temp 24.1
2018-06-26 17:51:33.749 (RFX433) Temp + Humidity (Maya RF TH)
2018-06-26 17:51:33.873 (RazzBerry card) Thermostat (ZTRV Study2)
2018-06-26 17:51:33.908 Error: HTTP:
2018-06-26 17:51:33.908 Notification sent (http) => Failed
2018-06-26 17:51:39.746 (Machinon_A) General/Percentage (Unknown)
2018-06-26 17:51:42.975 (Voltcraft) Air Quality (Air Quality)
2018-06-26 17:51:50.044 Notification: SENSOR 130 KWH 155.3
2018-06-26 17:51:50.045 (RazzBerry card) General/kWh (House Energy)
2018-06-26 17:51:50.203 Error: HTTP:
2018-06-26 17:51:50.203 Notification sent (http) => Failed
2018-06-26 17:51:54.508 (RFX433) UV (UV Garden)

(Martin Verbeek) #576

For some types i will retrueve status another way as well. It is urlcustomactionhttp. Just go into the app and see if it indicates valid url in domoticz ? Should say true

(Ed) #577

Yes, it says true.

Not sure if it makes any difference, it has been a stable release so the version is pretty new.
Do you know a way to get more “verbose” logs?

(Martin Verbeek) #578

Using the latest stable myself. Could you go to the smartthings ide and display loggjng for domoticz server. Before check if trace is enabled in the app. There must be entries showing for domoticzevent…

(Ed) #579

I have identified the ones that cause the problem, for example this on, it is a TH + RH

  • quick update. I have limited the devices to a single room and now it seems to work ok.

(Martin Verbeek) #580

Thanks Ed, i will check out the error.

But this should not be the error causing notification failures in domoticz. You do see notification success?

(Ed) #581

See attached, I’ll leave it running for a while and see what happens. I will update any news - Thanks a lot!

(Martin Verbeek) #582

How many sensors do you have enabled in domoticz? Maybe i can simulate the amount you have and see if it is related, i have many but not enabled. …

(Martin Verbeek) #583

Could you do me a favour and also show some log for the app itself domoticz server. This is a device