Z-Wave protocol over IP

Does SmartThings support Zwave over IP protocol or will it support it?

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Hey Damien,

I’m not entirely sure I understand the question. You will be able to control Z-Wave devices connected to the SmartThings hub via the internet, but not through local network. So the hub is the only IP device that can control Z-Wave devices. Eventually we will support IP end devices to connect to the Hub, but not outside controllers unless its through our open API.

Now z-wave standard became more open and support of z-wave over IP is available here (Z/IP API)

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He’s talking about an offering from Sigma, Z/IP. Its main purpose is to allow tablets to be used as UI devices or To assign an IP address to every device on a Z wave network, thus facilitating interaction with other IOT systems. You have your same existing Z wave network, but now a tablet can join as well and the Z wave devices can be addressed individually by outside systems .

Z/IP is a UDP/IP wrapper for Z-Wave command classes, assisted by a set of Z/IP managment command classes. Z/IP assists Z-Wave in maintaining the same level of interoperability on the Internet of things as on the Z-Wave HAN.
Z/IP Gateway can communicate with the Z-Wave SerialAPI through UART or USB. Z/IP Gateway is delivered as source as part of the Controller Development kit.


Sigma released the first version of Z/IP in early 2015. The first commercial build was based on beaglebone which no longer exists. They were aiming it at the Asia market at that time where total cost is a big market driver. I haven’t seen one aimed at the European or US market.