Connected Aquarium

Thanks for the info.
The problem I have is that nobody seems able to confirm how it should be connected.
I think I have it correct but i don’t know.
There’s no point in me changing it if I connect it up again incorrectly.

Did you manage to get your temperature probe working?

Yes. First contact sensor was faulty.
New sensor paired ok but showed nothing in temp.
Got a new external temp sensor and this worked ok.
I think i must have zapped the original temp sensor with all my playing with the faulty contact sensor.
All good now.

That’s good to hear. Care to share how the sensor should be connected for future reference?

The external sensor is as post 19 above.
The new sensor had different coloured wires.
Reading down with wires coming in from the right.
Top - Red. VCC.
2nd - Green. DATA.
3rd - Black. GND.

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This is the diagram I used to connect this temp probe DROK DS18B20 Temperature Sensor

I too am using the ‘Fibaro Z-Wave FGK-101 Temperature & Door/Window Sensor’ Full Support Handler.

Works perfectly. I have it wrapped in plastic wrap and inserted into a Gatorade bottle upside down next to my pool skimmer to read pool temp and trigger heater and pump on off using Virtual Switch in various Automations.

Green is not ground. Look like you have the wires incorrect.

Sorry I was referring to your earlier post.

It was GND in the earlier post though. There was no black and yellow was data.

Did you get it to work?

All working.

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Just thought I would update this with my latest issues resolutions.
My Fibaro stopped reporting temperature changes and when I looked at it the blue LED was continually flashing.
Tried everything to get it back working and nothing.
Will not factory reset or re-pair.
I have a spare Xiaomi Temp/Humidity sensor so I thought I would blue tack it (temporary to see if it works) to the side of the tank and it went straight up to the normal temperature of the tank.
The room is over 2 deg Celsius below the tank temperature.
This could well be another way of doing this.
Time will tell.

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I have the same setup on my nano reef tank, the waterproof sensor and the Fibaro. I have also added a small float switch as the external contact sensor to the Fibaro that tells me if the pump stops.

How accurate is it’s reading?

At the moment it’s difficult to tell.
It dropped by 0.5C overnight.
I have a webCoRE fuel stream configured so I will get more of an idea over a period of time.
I think it might need to be sealed on the outside of the tank for really accurate readings.
Will update.

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Just an update on how the temperature measuring on the outside of my aquarium is going using a Xiaomi temperature sensor.
Went away for a long weekend and the temperature in the lounge dropped to 18 C and at the same time the tank temp was reading 21.9 C.
I think the tank was probably between 22.5 and 23.5.
Yesterday I covered the sensor with an aerosol cap to see if this would give a constant temp.
Last night the temp in the lounge dropped to 19.8 and the tank dropped from 23.3 to 22.9.
Now I don’t know if this means this is a reasonable way of measuring the tank temp or not. I need an excuse to go away again to test it again.

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OK folks another update.
I move the Xiaomi temp sensor to the side of the tank which is near a wall. It is away form draughts etc. in the room.
Here the temp has been pretty constant. It has varied between 23C and 23.6C. The temp in the room has been pretty constant though. I really need a trip away with the heating off (as it is now but the temp has been pretty constant) to get a good gauge on how things are going.
I have fixed it permanently to the tank and have left the aerosol cap over it. I will have to do something more pleasing to the eye.
Next update next month after out latest jaunt away.

I’ve gone back to using a Fibaro sensor as the Xiaomi was varying to much with my room temperature.
Been working great with no issues.

I have been using the Fibaro sensor connected to a DS18B20 temperature probe for a while now and it has been working great.
The other day I noticed the carpet near my aquarium was wet, extremely wet.
On inspection i could find no leaks to my tank. I moved it out of my house into the garage so that I could both clean up the mess and also monitor the tank to see if I could detect the leak. I left the Fibaro sensor hanging down the back of my tank with the probe still in the tank. (This is how it was in my house).
After a week of no water leaking a pool started to appear at the back of my tank.
On closer inspection the water was dripping from the Fibaro Sensor. What has been happening is somehow the water has siphoned its way up the inside of the probe lead and then dripping out on to the floor.
If the sensor and probe lead is above the water level then this cannot happen.
Just thought I would post here for information and you may wish to check your setup so that it does not happen to you.

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I’m still interested in an external solution with an offset built in. It seems that there will be an offset that is predictable based on room temperature. Maybe some styrofoam packing cut-to-fit, as well. Do you think that the Xiaomi TH was responsive? Dis it report often enough? This is mainly for alarm conditions, after maybe 2-3 degrees.