Connected Aquarium

I had a heater failure in my aquarium recently and decided to automate everything. I bought two replacement heaters, a Fibaro door sensor with remote temperature probe, and an Aeotec Smart Strip. Now, I can get alerts if the aquarium temperature gets outside of a defined range and I can turn the heaters off remotely if one of them gets stuck on.


Hhmmm. I like this idea.
Can I ask a couple of questions?
How have you split the heaters? Different smart sockets?
What temp probe are you using?
Hope you don’t mind.

Each heater is plugged into a different outlet.

I’m using this temperature probe:

DROK DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Digital Temp Probe Waterproof Thermal Cable Stainless Steel Probe 3 Meter Thermometer Gauge Thermistor Detector Sensor Indoor Outdoor Lab Car Usage

How have you integrated the probe into ST?

That’s what the Fibaro door sensor is for, it has contacts for a temperature sensor.

How accurate is the temperature probe?

The only thing I have to compare it against is the stick-on thermometer that came with the aquarium. I’d say they are within half a degree of each other. They’re also on opposite ends of the tank.

I would compare the probe against some reliable digital thermometer.

Do you have a link for the exact door sensor model that you used?

I’ve done similar already with my sons vivarium and have ordered the same parts to do it in my aquarium.
I use a SonoffTH and you can either plug in a temp probe or a temp/humidity probe.
Thing I like about these is you attach your heater wires direct into the unit.
But it’s not native to anything so requires some tinkering beforehand.

Probably this one:

I think there is a (recently released) updated version of this device, but I’m not sure if the newer version has the same capability as the previous version.

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I use a similar setup in my pool. …

Basically using a Fibaro open/closed door sensor mated with an analog temperature sensor (DROK DS18B20 3M Probe) to turn on and off zwave switches (GoControl Z-Wave Isolated Contact Fixture Module - FS20Z-1). The GoControl Z-Wave switches are the same as using Aeotec smart strip.

Works well.

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I’ve ordered a temp sensor and Fibaro Contact Sensor.
I’ve had a look at the manual for the contact sensor online and cannot see any parameter that needs setting to use the external temp sensor.
Can I assume that I connect the external sensor then power it up and associate it and it just works?
Sorry for the obvious question but just thinking ahead.

I use the Fibaro Contact Sensor with the extra temp probe sold with the Fibaro. I suppose all probes will work the same.
There is a device handler here on the forum for the sensor with tempareture probe. What is very important is to connect the probe before the sensor is joined to the Z-Wave network. I’ve read somewhere that if you don’t do it like that, the system will not recognise the temperature probe.

Sorry but I need more help here.
My previous contact sensor was proven to be faulty so I go a replacement.
I connected the external temp sensor as follows.
With wires entering from the right and working down I have connected red (top), yellow then green.
I successfully paired the sensor and it has allocated the Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor Modified DTH.
The open/ close capability is working ok but I’m not seeing any temp capability.
Can someone confirm the wiring and DTH please.
Thanks in advance.

I’m using the same probe as in post 3.

This is the DH I’m using:

It took me several attempts to get it reporting temperature correctly. Part of this is due to the fact that it seems to always initially report 32° F and then update to show the correct temperature after a minute or so. There is some wiring information that comes with the Fibaro sensor. There is also a review for the temp probe on Amazon that I also used to match up the wiring since the probes don’t always come with much documentation.

Same experience as @allison. I had initially thought the temp part is not working, but it started reporting the temp after about half an hour if I remember correctly.

Well I think I’ve got the wiring correct but it just remains blank.
Using JJ’s DH as suggested.
Even tried swapping the wiring for all 6 combinations. All to no avail.
Any other suggestions gratefully received.
BTW I’ve only tried the top 3 connections as per manual.

You did connect the temperature sensor before adding the device to the ST hub?

Still no joy.
Below is a picture with writing from a friendly spider indicating how I have the external temp sensor connected.
As per manual I wired it up before pairing with ST.
If anyone is using one of these sensors and is able to have a look I would appreciate confirmation, or otherwise, that this is correct.

EDIT: From the temp sensor manual colours are as follows:-
Red = VCC.
Yellow = Data.
Green = GND

Still not working but just as an aside, when this is being used as a temp sensor, does the motion sensor stop working.