Connect SmartPower Outlet to Standard Rainbird Sprinkler controller


Has anyone tried connecting a SmartPower Outlet to a pre-existing Rainbird (or other?) programmable sprinkler controller? I’m thinking about trying to make this combo work if I can. Essentially, I think I could set the sprinklers to go off daily (say, at 1AM) and use the SmartPower Outlet to only enable the controller to be “on” on days I actually want to enable sprinklers to run. If I understand the controller correctly, the clock and controller timing should work just fine when it’s “unplugged” but it can only turn the sprinklers “on” when it’s plugged in (or powered). Thus I could set for daily watering, and use the rain forecast to decide in advance if I want the sprinkler plug to be “on”… Does this seem likely to work? Am I missing anything? I can try it, but I’m not awake when the sprinklers run and I’m averse to wasting water with too much experimentation (at least, beyond that which having grass in the yard already necessitates).

Thoughts? Anyone try this?


Should work if your rainbird has battery backup. Only trial will tell how long those batteries last if its unplugged for extended periods of time.

Thanks… I suppose I’ll give it a try. Perhaps, I’ll set the outlet to only go “off” during the preset times if the sprinklers should not go off. That would then keep the battery powered more of the time (only off for an hour or so a day)

Again, Thanks!